Storyline The Disciples Of False Hope.

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  1. *Spawn is backstage sat on a chair when a camera pans up to him*
    For a long time I reigned IWT. It wasn't about these games of champions, belts and title shots. I simply arrived, and destroyed. I lose 3 matches and people assume that I lost that which made me a monster. I lost 3 matches. You think losing 3 matches in a row means I am a shadow of my former self? I was undefeated for half a year. Now I lose 3 matches and I am nothing...

    I came here to take you all, to save you from the construction of my new hell on this realm. I was trying to show you the error of your ways. At first you feared me. Now you mock me. Why should I save you. My next match will show me reason and clarity to these tough times. Do I take you all by my will, or do I leave you all to burn. You will all learn that an intelligent hell is better than this stupid paradise.

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