The Draft

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  1. Where: WWE Raw
    When: 18th July 2016
    Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL, Mauro Renallo, Jerry Lawler

    The show opens when Vince McMahon is shown backstage....
    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this historic night, a night that will change the landscape of the WWE, ushering in a New Era, where stars will be made, this ladies and gentlemen, is the WWE Draft..."

    Michael: "Welcome to an historic night, welcome to Monday Night Raw! I'm Michael Cole and tonight i'm joined by former WWE Champion, JBL..."
    JBL: "Yes, Michael, tonight will be a night to remember...."
    Michael: "And also, please welcome the new voices of Smackdown, Mauro Renallo and WWE Hall Of Famer, Jerry 'The King' Lawler..."
    Mauro: "Thank you gentlemen, we are happy to be here, I am Mauro Renallo, and i'm pleased to be here on this special night in WWE..."
    Jerry: "And you probably already know me but i'll tell you anyways, because i'm not allowed to be rude, I'm WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler, THE voice of Tuesday night Smackdown."

    Shane McMahon walks down onto the stage as the crowd pops, Shane looks around before walking down the ramp, into the ring, looking at the tumbler, and walking to his podium by the Smackdown logo.

    The crowd boos as Stephanie McMahon walks out onto the stage before bending her knees and raising her arms cheering, creating heat, she walks down the ramp into the ring and goes to her podium by the Raw logo.

  2. Lillian Garcia is then seen near ringside
    "Ladies and gentlemen, your hosts for tonights draft is......"

    Cole: "It must be a special night! It's Good Ol' Jim Ross!"
    JBL: "I love it Michael!"
    Jim Ross walks down the ramp and into the ring, with the crowd chanting.
    "Thank you, thank you, I am honored to be here on this special night in Sports Entertainment, and i'm sure that we will all have fun tonight, the way this draft will work that each turn, either Shane or Stephanie McMahon will walk to the tumbler behind me, spinning it and picking a random ball from it, then revealing who they have drawn, Stephanie has been randomly chosen to pick first, so Stephanie will you please come towards the tumbler."
    The locker room is shown backstage, anxiously waiting for the pick, Steph walks towards the tumbler, smiling, she then rolls the tumbler, looking away as she picks her ball, then when she does, she walks back towards her podium...
    Steph: "Ladies, gentlemen, my first pick of the night is one of NXT's hottest and most talked about stars, my first pick is Austin Aries!"

    Austin Aries is seen backstage nodding his head, not knowing whether to like it or not
    "Austin Aries is a big pickup for Monday Night Raw!"
    Jerry: "Overrated I say..."
    Cole: "Of course you would."
    JBL: "Austin Aries was the hottest free agent in the world before coming to NXT! And now he is coming to Monday Night Raw! Can you believe it!"
    Jerry: "Well shut up and we'll see who's coming to Smackdown.."

    J.R: "Shane, please come up to the tumbler."
    Shane McMahon walks up to the tumbler while the locker room is yet again shown looking on. Shane spins the tumbler, picking a ball and walking back to his podium
    "Oh boy, my first pick for Tuesday Night Smackdown is someone who is seen as... crazy, unstable.... and see him as a Lunatic, the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose is my first pick!"

    Ambrose is seen backstage laughing, looking on approvingly.
    "The Lunatic Fringe is heading to the blue side!"
    Jerry: "I was expecting more but i'll take it..."

    J.R: "Ladies and gents, there goes the first round of picks, we'll be back shortly with more..."

  3. Next part coming sometime this week