Storyline The Dudes With Tude Tournament Finals

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    In the midst of the ring. Al Poppin' attempts a diving crossbody to Eduardo who has been on the defensive the majority of the match, as Al exploits his match fatigue against the British Kid. Al leaps off the top rope only for Eduardo to leap up and drill a dropkick into his mid-section. Al gets to his feet clutching his ribs as Eduardo delivers a ring shaking Spinning Neckbreaker. Eduardo stalks Al as he gingerly gets to his feet on the ropes, whipping him into the ring ropes, Al rebounds and ducks under a clothesline, both men rebound and go for crossbody's, colliding in the ring as both men roll to the ropes holding their ribs.......


    No interruptions please
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  2. * The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus and @FailFaceFTW enter, wearing suits and twirling Kendo Sticks. As they notice, Clobbersaurus and The British Kid run to guard the ring, but both Magnus and FailFace rush the ring. Magnus clobbers British Kid over the head, and FailFace hits Clobber in the mid-section, and then slams his back. Magnus drags British Kid into the ring while FailFace throws Ed and Al out of the ring. FailFace then exits himself to grab a mic and 2 chairs, then comes back in and hands one chair and the mic to Magnus, and slides the other chair under Kid *

    Justin Magnus: ......After OSU last night, I realized something Kid. I never really followed up on that promise of smashing your head in did I? But, you know what, let's let bygones by bygones for a second as I interrupt your little tournament to make a statement.

    I didn't come out here to bask in a crowd reaction, I didn't come out here to throw a tantrum like Harriet because she came this...

    * Magnus puts his fingers close together, but looks sideways and widens the gap *

    ...close to beating the IWT champion last night. And nor did I come out here to "celebrate" the fluke victory I got last night when Jwab Atom walked out on our match. I'm out here to management why jobbers like this are still getting more TV time than me.

    But, I'm guessing that's a rhetorical question, I mean, mockeries of wrestling sell these days don't they?!

    * Magnus drops the mic and proceeds to lift the chair and slam it at full force into Kid's skull. Before Magnus and FailFace walk out, Magnus lips "Oops" to the camera *
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  3. Al lies outside selling the attack and fatigue as the referee who ended the match due to interference checks on the faction members
  4. *Kid lies motionless in the middle of the ring as you can see Blood coming out of the bottom of the mask*