Storyline The Dynasty Are Here To Stay

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  1. As the music plays throughout the arena, yellow and green smoke transcends from the stage floor. At the 00:26 mark, Alias and Christian both make their way out on stage carrying both their Tag-Team Championships on their shoulders and World Titles around their waist.

    Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your NEW World Heavyweight Champion and your NEW IWT Champion, Christian and Alias!

    Alias and Christian both go on the steel steps and proceed to enter the ring. They both go right in the middle of it and stare the at the crowd dead center before the Ring Announcer hands them both microphones.

    Christian: Mark this day on your calendar, everyone in the audience take a picture right now, because from this day on, it's going to stay this way! The image you see in front of you and on your TV Screens at home will remain this way from here on out! Last night at the Royal Rumble, I went one on one with God and came out victorious! Last night my partner beside me went one on one with possibly his biggest rival in IWT and came out victorious! We both walked out with the biggest titles this industry has to offer, we walked out with what everyone in this business desires, we walked out with the IWT World Heavyweight Championship and the IWT Championship!

    Alias adjusts hit IWT Championship and raises his microphone towards his mouth
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  2. Alias Antonio: I am not a 100%. Hell, I'm not even a 50%. My knee is fucked up, my head isn't the best state. My whole body is bruised and battered. I went to hell and beyond in that match, but so did Joey Bryant. I showed who had what it takes the most to make it out of hell though, I showed who the better man really was. And regardless of whatever injuries I may have right now, I'm in heaven right now. This IWT Title is my hands. What I've worked for the most these past couple of years is now mine. What I suffered for, the greater cause, now BELONGS to me, and that makes me the damn happiest man alive in this whole planet. Bryant tried his best, but I tried more than my best. Simply put, I am better than Joey Bryant.

    *Alias then eyes Christian and smiles*

    We, The Dynasty, have started this year off fantastically, without a doubt. And it's not gonna change whatsoever. There's no one on this roster to take the tag titles off of us, or these prestigious singles titles off of us. We're here to stay, we're here to reign. And nothing is going to stop us.
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  3. Christian smirks and then looks at Alias
    Christian: You know, it's funny. Nearly three months ago, we met by fate when we entered the Wildcard Tag-Team Tournament. We were randomly selected to become partners and I wouldn't have it any other way! Who would've thunk that this partnership would become a friendship? Or that this friendship would turn into us carrying both the tag-team championships and two of the top titles within this industry?

    Christian removes his World Heavyweight Championship from his waist and looks at it.
    Christian: This title is where it belongs! Nick, I know you're in the back, I know that you're feeling many emotions and I know you can't wait for your rematch. People were shocked that I won the championship, but I for one wasn't. Many fans claimed that I did my best out there, but let me tell you fans something...

    You're wrong. I wasn't 100% when I wrestled Nick, I was 60% during the match! But that's all I needed to take on God and retrieve my World Championship! So Nick, when we do have our rematch, it won't be the same Christian you faced at the Royal Rumble. It'll be Christian, World Heavyweight Champion!

    As for the Royal Rumble winner, Lee! Here is what WE have to say about you...
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  4. *Suddenly, Lee's theme hits to a pop, he comes out with a bandage wrapped around his head. he wears his navy blue jeans along with "BeLEEve" T-shirt, having his X-Treme belt around his left arm. He's given a mic as he stands on the apron, staring down his attackers and potential Mania opponents*

    Lee: My big moment, where I should have been able to celebrate long into the night, not just with my supporters but also in front of the doubters, they were the fools who:
    • Claimed I didn't deserve to be in last years Royal Rumble IC title match
    • Claimed I could never last against someone with Dolph's star power
    • Claimed I couldn't recapture lost glory and win the X-Treme belt
    • Claimed I was merely making up the numbers at the rumble...
    Really, all those schmuks should have been holding their heads in their hands as they realise their levels of stupidity. Yet, suddenly, that opportunity was RIPPED AWAY FROM MY GRASP! Ooooh, but of course, you two have to make it about you AGAIN! God forbid the IWT Universe doesn't get the picture here, especially now you two have a monopoly over the major belts... Meanwhile, I may only hold a mid-card belt at the moment...but it's is going to be getting a new, cooler friend soon, nicely resting over my over arm come the end of Mania. Which ever one of you will be the one to reluctantly sacrifice your belt to me for this to happen though is another question.

    *Lee chuckles as he sizes down the two men looking towards him*

    Alias; You and I hold Wrestlemania level storytelling right from the get-go,We came in together on the insane Cure vibe and even won tag-team championships together during that time, but when I underwent my first "transformation"..we grew apart, you couldn't take me for the new man I was because you attached yourself to the man you first met too much! We have also faced before and re-united for Old School Uprising since. Opposing you for that does seem quite appetizing to be honest.

    *Lee then stops talking, takes a deep breath and fixes a glance on Christian*

    Christian; We first met in the finals of that tag tournament, a match that, granted you won... was in a tag-team scenario. It'll be so different when it's just me and you in this squared-circle, no other people to depend on or protect! Admittedly, I'm intrigued by the possibility of facing you in a one-on-one, you hold a fair bit of IWT history but your many breaks have limited it. You may think it makes sense for you to just come back and take the WHC, because in the process of its conception it was 'your' belt but.. you can only come back and do this shtick so many times before you become a walking PARODY! Perhaps I should dethrone you're complacent ass and try and amend the agony that is the WHC's history....

    But really, looking at you two and having to decide the man I'll face....I'd be lying if I said the mouth-watering choice between venturing into an epic feud with the chance of creating a new nemesis and tying the bow on one of the IWT's most ICONIC feuds is just a little conflicting.
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  5. Christian: You've got jokes, huh?

    Christian starts scratching the back of his head.

    Christian: Well here's a joke for you...

    Christian takes his World Championship belt and hits it head on to Lee's face repeating what happened the previous night at the Royal Rumble. Christian grabs Lee's head who is laid out and starts talking down on him.

    Christian: You see this?

    Christian shows him the World Heavyweight Championship

    Christian: THIS! Will never be yours... THAT!

    Christian points at Alias's IWT Championship

    Christian: Will never be yours either!

    Christian throws his Championship on the side and starts unwrapping Lee's bandages. He's once again busted open. Christian starts throwing rights on Lee's forehead as Alias removes his IWT Championship from his waist. Christian picks Lee up by his head and starts counting down to Alias.

    Christian: Three, Two, ONE...

    Christian lets go of Lee and Alias comes running down hitting Lee's face with his IWT Championship. Christian grabs his World Heavyweight Champion and looks at Alias.
    They both raise their championship up high which have some stains of Lee's blood on them.

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