Storyline The Elimination chamber...

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  1. Farooq is shown in his house sitting down on a desk. He's show without a shirt, with only a desk lamp on as he sharpens a knife. He reaches over to a radio on the desk and turns it on to a low volume.

    "It's funny isn't much power a human has. The power to change things, with just the move of a hand..." He says as he pushes a button on the radio to change it's station.

    "To change a cage into such a hell filled structure like the Elimination Chamber....when I go in, I go in with Aids, Dolph's, Sir Lee and others. The biggest challenge of my career...." Farooq says as he stands up, and turns on the light. The room he is in is surrounded with all his opponents pictures in every match they have fought in. "This is a warzone, a battle field inside that cage. There's no one here in the IWT that knows about fighting as much as me, because preparation is the key to victory. To examine your enemies, to calculate. To expose weaknesses and form a plan followed by a back up plan. To open a strategy against your oppositions, and to strike at the right time. Why am I making this video..." Farooq says as he looks the knife, before setting it down on the desk and changing the radio again.

    "Because I'm destroy the change in my opposition. I want....a true battle. I am asking the owners(@Jonathan @Screaming Mantis ), to book me as..." Farooq said as he raised his hand, with his first finger out. "Number 1, the first man to enter the chamber alone in this fight. I don't want a easy path, I want a true fight for when I leave that chamber with the championship, there's no doubt in anybody's mind that I made this change on my own. If I don't fight everybody in that chamber on my own, then I have no reason to walk out champion. I'm going to put everything I have on the line, and when I do, I'm going to walk out as champion. I have no fear in any of my opponents, and I'm going to prove it. This company is going to change after Elimination Chamber, I'm going to do it with my own hands...or walk out without it." Farooq says as reaches over to the camera.

    "The time is gone, the song is over. Thought I'd something more to say..." He says before turning the camera off.
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