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Who do you think won the match?

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  1. Robert

  2. Hirax

  1. Robert pulls up into the arena, running over @Lady Deathbane's foot, then makes sweet love to her. He shoots her in the head with a revolver, that he got from his pocket. She falls onto the ground dead and stuff. Hirax then walks into the arena, wearing a suit. He shoots security, and walks into Trip's office. He sees @Delik and Unknown making love. He shoots Unknown in the butthole then shoves a box of Domino's pizza down Jonathan's throat. He pushes the dead bodies aside and takes Trip's browser history and puts it on Twitter.

    Hirax walks out of the office. @Dat Kid walks up behind up. "IM GAWD!!!" He says, before Hirax takes out his sword and slices his head off. "Alrighty killed Farooq." He says, walking into the ring. The fans are shocked to see Hirax as Aiden Ryan is getting ready to fight Anthony Marcus. Hirax presses a button, and a airplane crashes into the ring, killing the two wrestlers. The fans are shocked, but then Hirax takes out the dildo bombs of doom and throws them at the crowd. The fans die as blood colors the arena. He leaves the arena, passing by Victoria Parker. He slaps her ass and kisses her then runs off. He bumps into Chris Kaizer, who was sleeping, accidentally stabbing him in the chest. Is he dead or asleep? Who knows. He takes the European championship and runs off.

    He jumps into his car, and drives off. Cops chase after him, Hirax swerving and killing people by driving them off the road. Hirax speeds up, the S.W.A.T. team getting ready to kill him. He passes the border barely, his best friend, Jose Garcia Jalapeno Hernandez the 5th Taco Lopez's troops stopping all the cops and killing them off. Hirax spends the rest of his life in Mexico, Farooq outside of the IWT notices Lady Deathbane's body. "Jackpot."
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  2. @Dat Kid WWE 2K14 bro. We have games in the afterlife
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  3. Faarooq returns?
  4. Sounds like a dream sequence lol
  5. wat
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  6. wait....I SURVIVED!.......i think....
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  7. Trip's Browser History:!?)

    Come on guys I'm no good at this. Hook it up.
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  8. Killing isn't allowed in IWT, regardless of how funny this was.
  9. The NoD doesn't follow the rules.
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  10. Hirax can kill and replace everyone with zombies. ZIWT is dope
  11. lmfao what a way to go out.
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