Storyline The End of a Generation

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  1. Michael walks out with a saddened look. He looks around the arena, taking in the sight of the thousands of people in attendance before he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

    Michael: 4 months ago, I had a bright spark. It came along when I was talking to a good friend of mine, Anonymous. That spark was The New Generation, and it's vision to fight and destroy anyone who stood against it. It's original line up of washed up hags, like Anonymous, Chip and most of all that bag of shit, Christian. I tossed them to the curve so my buddy Alkatrz and I could sprout off into a new direction, but then Danny Jacobs came in a took my protégé away from me. Then it was me and my other good friend Eric Draven. We had big plans for the *New* New Generation, but when IWT lost to FSW it all crumbled down, once again, but no one payed any attention to The New Generation dying out, because a new interim GM was announced, that man was the petty Jwab.

    Michael rubs his hands together. He looks up and begins to pace the ring.

    Michael: Draven disappeared, the very man I brought back into this company disappeared with no trace of where he went. And with that, The New Generation fell. The New Generation fell from the face of the earth into a bottomless pit and no one seems to care because Jwab got his 15 minutes of fame. His 15 minutes of solitude will be up soon enough because The New Generation maybe dead but what is left of it's corpse will come back to bite those who wronged it...Starting with Jwab.

    Michael looks around the arena of confused fans and rolls out of the ring, and begins to walk back to the backstage area. He asks a near by production worker where Jwab's office was. After getting directions he angrily roams the arena looking for the area. After finding a room with the sign "Interim GM office" on it, he barges in to see Jwab sitting at his desk.

    Michael: Who do you think you are? How anyone in that circle jerk of "staff" members could think of putting a joke like you in a position of power is just sickening. I'm not gonna sit politely by and watch my steam be derailed by you...

    OOC: @Hollywood Jwab
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  2. *Jwab takes his feet off his desk. He slowly shuts his laptop and places it off to the side. He smirks before unbuttoning his blazer and standing up. He extends his hand for a handshake but Michael doesn't shake his hand*

    Well, I was just trying to be friendly but I guess you have other plans. I have no thought in my mind for the reason that... you are placing all of the blame on me. Is it because I've never liked you? Is that why? Let's get this through your thick skull, Michael. The New Generation barely existed. It was just a sign on an empty building. No one cared. I'm surprised you got Ami's attention but he's nowhere to be seen so that doesn't really matter anymore. I'm sorry to say this to your face since you don't pay attention to any of what social media has said about you. You are a laughing stock, I don't even remember the last match you won. But, since you want to claim my success as 15 minutes of fame even tho I've been in this position since Survivor Series and that is a lot longer than 15 minutes... I'm going to have someone put you down. Someone that you are quite familiar with and my personal bodyguard....

    *sits on his desk and presses the button under it*

    OOC - @Tumbas do your shit homie
  3. *The door slowly opens, filled with suspense. as a 5.3 foot man wearing a headset walks into the room and stands in the doorway...

    Suddenly he is grabbed and thrown back into the corridor and through the wall by someone behind him. That's when Alkatrz, Michael's former stable member, stands in the doorway with a huge grin*

    You want him gone from your office sir? or gone for good...
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  4. 5'3?
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  5. *Jwab walks over behind Alkatrz's left shoulder and places his hand on it before pointing to Michael*

    Yes, gone for good. After the Anniversary show, I better hear nothing about Michael, well no one is gonna talk to him. I don't want to hear anything from Michael, you understand that? At the Anniversary show, you will go one on one with Michael.. in ahhh... I have to make this interesting. A.... a.... tables match! I like that, put him through the table, you win. You squash him this little kid like the bug he is. Show him why The New Generation was never a thing and WHY you are the next generation.

    *smiles and walks up to Michael*

    Well, it's settled. Have fun here for the little time you have. See ya on the flip side, Mike.

    *extends hand but pulls it away and walks out texting which leaves Michael & Alkatrz in the room alone*
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  6. Curb*