Storyline The End Of A Reign

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  1. As the aftermath of the tag team title match concludes Midas is seen slowly raising to his feet, he looks ahead at the ring for a moment in despair as Alias and Christian are celebrating. Turning his attention to the area by the stage he hops on down and tries to get an incapacitated Drake up. After a couple of moments of struggling Midas successfully gets Wolfe in a standing position, he tries to head back on the stage while Drake is barely helping and finally gets the both of them onto the ramp. Midas trying to head through the curtain gets lightly shoved off by Drake whom is attempting to make his way to the ring. Wolfe finally rolls into the ring with Midas right behind him.

    The two look at the newly crowned champions but make no sudden movements to either show them respect, or try to attack them once more. After a couple moments of silence Drake sees the railroad spike that was never used during the match, fortunately enough. He picks up the spike, and looks at it with contempt before attempting to lunge at Alias and Christian with it. Before he could even connect with it Midas grabs him and holds him back. Midas now tries to console Drake as the new champions exit the ring.

    Instead of trying to make another move Drake surprisingly cools down and he reacts to Midas who's still holding onto him. Wolfe turns around and meets Midas with a comforting hug which seems to never last. The two pat each other on the back and Drake seems to lean his head near Midas' as the camera pans in. You can faintly hear Drake whispering to Midas: Your reign dies tonight, King Midas, but mine is just beginning. And just so you know, I've always fucking hated you.

    The camera pans out a little bit which reveals the railroad spike that Drake had kept in one hand. Drake pulls it backwards and literally stabs Midas in the the small of his back! Midas who becomes limp in Wolfe's arms falls on his knees. Drake tosses the spike to the side and stands Midas up just a tad. Drake puts Midas in a powerbomb position and surveys the audience who are in a negative uproar, some of them even throwing trash at the ring. Drake lifts Midas up on his shoulders as if he's about to hit a powerbomb, but stalls for a few moments and drops Midas' wound first on his knees.

    Drake looks upon Midas before making his way to the nearest set of steps as the medics who were present in the match rush the ring with the stretcher and try to help Midas. Seemingly about to leave Drake peers at the medical professionals, smirks, and gets back in the ring. He violently pushes away the medics until it's just him and an unconscious Midas in the ring again. Wolfe pulls down one of his knee pads before picking Midas up once more-- belly to back. Drake gets Midas in a cobra clutch hold and hits Midas with his own patented finisher; the Profit-Breaker! Drake subsequently stands over the fallen Midas and basks in the sea of negativity given off by the crowd.

    The scene fades.
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