Storyline The End of Beginnings

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  1. A cold breeze ran through the graveyard. The nearby church's bell ringing 12 times. "Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!... Ding!" As soon as the bell stops, silence takes control over the sound of the graveyard. The full moon shines through the thick fog, with another sound echoing soon enough. The flapping wings of crows begin to amplify around the graves. Soon, footsteps fill the sound of the graveyard.

    Through the thick fog another light, not one made by the moon or the stars, no it was made from another of natures creature, bent through man's hands. It was a torch, held high by a man dressing in black and red. The man passes rows and rows of graves, before turning right. He passes two beautiful tombstones, one having pictures of a child another having a statue of the virgin Mary, cuddling what most think would be a baby Jesus. Those two, were none of his concerns, no. The third tombstone, the one he stopped at was much different. It was just a plate, no pictures or beautiful statue to come with it. He lowered the torch to the grave, and the plate was blank. No name, it was a blank grave. The man stood up, turning his back to face the camera.

    "The final destination to most... the graveyard. A place where the dead may finally sleep in peace, where harmony mixes with darkness. A area filled with accomplishments, failure, tragedy, family, longing, loss, sorrow... just like the ring. In IWT, this company is filled like a graveyard, holding the same qualities. Joey Bryant, is the sense of accomplishment. Farooq for a sense of failure. Alias for a sense of tragedy. You fans for a sense of family. B.Dazzle for a sense of longing. Dat Kid for a sense of loss. Victoria Parker for a sense of sorrow. Of course, these are just a small taste of emotions that run in these two areas, IWT and the graveyard are filled with much more."

    "Generations come and they go... and they end here. My stomach, it is hungry. Not for mere food, but for competition. I have set my sights... for a leader. I have set my sights for veteran here...and I will feast upon you... when the time is right. Do not worry, many will remember you, for I have given you a home here in the graveyard, so that many will marvel at your past."
    Ami said, before reaching beside the cameraman. He grabs a bucket of water, and dumps it all over the tombstone plate. The tombstone is no longer blank, for it reads, "Here lies Micheal Leader of The New Generation". "Hide behind the template of a generation...everything eventually dies. You, are no exception." Ami moves the torch closer to his mouth and blows it out. The feed cutting off instantly as the graveyard returns to it's moonlight.

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  2. The feed returns to the arena has a heated crowd awaits the next segment. The crowd roars and cheers as the crane camera flies over the audience below, when...

    Black and red strobe lights begin bouncing around as the crowd cheers for Michael and The New Generation. The announcers hype The New Generation's arrival by recapping what happened to Gav the Chav at Night of Champions. The camera pans closer on the curtain, but no one walks out. Michael's theme continues to reverberate around the arena just before Michael's voice is heard on the PA system silencing the music and calming the strobe lights. The titantron lights up showing Michael sitting in a leather chair along with the other TNG members in an old wooden house where sounds of a busy, rainy and bustling city can be heard in the background. He begins to speak.

    Michael: The New Generation is quite fond of you Ami, and so much so that your challenge has awaken me, and the other members of The New Generation into considering your placement on this one way trail through Path C. The very path that I built with my blood and sweat. I've paved it to where it has attracted followers and more and more follow by the day. This built up following isn't one that isn't familiar with failure, and you're not the only who has left and empty resting place with my label on it, but every time someone established it...I'll get back up. I've been taken to war by the likes of Andrew, Alias, Dat Kid and Nick, but even though they all prevailed...who's still standing? It doesn't matter about track records, it's about the test of time and I won't just use that settled grave as a lifting branch to my nirvana, but a mere token of what it took to get to the top.

    Michael: You've settled a grave for me? I'm honored that I'll be able to seal yet another bed of rest. I don't rest, I can't rest and when you rise up every morning to see that you've built a Generation on your journeys to the truly isn't a choice to just stop. I may not be immortal and neither are you but when I rise out of the ashes once again you can't help, but see that I'm no mere IWT competitor...I'm another being.

    Michael looks back to The New Generation.

    Michael: Rise Up. End Ami.
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