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    - Christian comes out wearing a suit and carrying a bag (To a pop)

    Christian: So can you guess the question I've been asked the most these past few weeks? Are the rumours true, are what we hearing true?

    Will you be resigning from your role as Co-owner of IWT? Not only that, but is this the last... we'll see of Christian in a squared circle?

    - Crowd gives off a mixed reaction

    You know, I've been in this been in this business for nearly 2 decades... and the year I spent here in Internet Wrestling Titles has had to be the most fun I've ever had in my career. Sure I wasn't the IWT Champion and sure, I had some issues with management. But I always had that mindset, that you should always out weigh the positves than the negatives. Because if you don't, it will ruin you.

    On December 16th, 2012 I made my IWT debut defeating 30 other superstars to become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion of IWT. And on January, 15th 2014 I am officially resigning from my position as co-owner of IWT and retiring...

    - Crowd boos immensely and a one more match chant breaks out

    Don't get any of this wrong! It's not you, it's me...

    I don't have the capability to entertain you fans any longer, I don't have the capability to showoff anymore. I've done everything I wanted to do in my career. When I walked into this building, I felt a rush that I've never felt before. And with that rush, I got cocky, arrogant and became a creepy little bastard. I... this company has grown so much within a year and has become really successful. And I want to thank everyone and you the fans who made this happen.

    I can reflect on my career right now, but I don't want to do that and you guys don't want to hear it. Right guys?

    - Crowd cheers

    Well, I wasn't really in the mood of sharing but you'll probably catch a glimpse of it on my new DVD "Christian - The Story" out on DVD in a few months on - Pre Order today.

    - Christian grabs the bag and pulls out a pair of boots as a hanger is dropped from the rafters

    There is a saying in this business when we choose to retire. It's symbolic in a way, "Hanging up your boots".
    I think this would be the most fitting way to end off a career like mine...

    - Christian goes to hang his boots as the crowd starts chanting no!
    - The lights go out for 10 seconds and we see dress shoes hanging above the ring

    Did I forget to mention... I am retiring... from this corporate getup.

    - Christian unbuttons his blazer


    And it will be as your new World Heavyweight Champion!
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