Storyline The End of IWT - 03/01

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  1. Christian, Shadow and Farooq walk out on the ramp holding AK-47's. They start shooting each and every crowd member as the crowd screams in horror.

    Christian: THEY'RE GETTING AWAY!
    Shadow: Don't worry!

    Shadow chucks 3 frag grenades covering each side of the crowd as chunks of human limbs start flying in the air.

    Farooq: YES! YES! YES!

    The crowd starts chanting NO! as they run away. Farooq throws a girl over the barricade. The girl crawls back as Farooq looks onto her.

    Girl: No no no, sir.
    Farooq: Yes yes yes, girl!
    Girl: I have no money. You are black man.
    Girl: SUKAKOK?
    Farooq: Yeees! Sukak...

    Christian shoots a bullet through the girls head

    Farooq: Aye, you ain't gonna let a black man have his fun?
    Shadow: Don't forget the mission, Farooq.

    The group looks onto the crowd as everyone is dead.

    Christian, Shadow and Farooq: WE ARE THE NATION, OF DOMINATION!

    Shadow: How many people was that?

    Farooq checks his scouter

    Farooq: IT WAS OVER 9000!!
    Shadow: OVER 9000?!
    Christian: We aren't done yet.

    Chapter Two

    The Nation of Domination heads on to the backstage area. They look into a classroom and see The Jock's.

    Christian: What the hell is going on?
    Farooq: It looks like Frank is struggling with his English test again.

    Gohan is frustrated as he can't seem to answer his sheet.

    Gohan: PSST! NANO, do this work for me!
    Nano: You not going to pass with my help.

    Shadow looks on as he sees them cheating

    Shadow: Why are we watching this?

    Christian and Farooq shrug their shoulders.

    Christian/Farooq: I dunno

    Shadow looks onto the Jocks and kills them with his AK-47.

    Shadow: We did the world a favor.
    Christian/Farooq: True that, true that.

    The Nation of Domination turn around and can't believe their eyes.

    Show Spoiler

    Nation of Domination: IT'S JEFF SHOCK!

    Jeff: I'm here to cash in my money in the lunchbox!

    The Nation of Domination and Jeff Shock have a stare down.
    Farooq shoots Jeff Shock and kills him.
    Christian picks up Jeff's lunchbox.

    Christian: Anyone hungry?
    Farooq/Shadow: Yeah.

    The Nation of Domination sit down in the classroom and chow down the food.

    Chapter Three

    The Nation of Domination finish up their meals and head out to search their next victim. They see Unknown sitting in the corner crying.

    Shadow: Ugh, is he crying again?
    Farooq: Should we kill him?
    Christian: No! We'll see what he's crying about.

    The Nation of Domination walk up to Unknown and look onto him.

    Christian: Unknown, buddy? What's wrong?

    Unknown starts weeping as he talks.

    Unknown: Dat Kid went out there... and BURIED my character. I just want to go lock myself in my Gyraj.
    Christian: Your what?
    Unknown: My gyraj.
    Christian: Huh?
    Unknown: My fuckin gyrage! Don't you understand English.
    Christian: Yeah, I do. Don't know what the fuck you're speaking. So what did he do?
    Unknown: He went out there and tied me and then...

    Christian gives Shadow the signal. Shadow shoots Adam on his head.

    Christian: Good work team. Da fuck is a gyraj?
    Farooq: WOAH! Look at dat! His hair blends in right with his blood.
    Shadow: It does, doesn't it?

    The Nation of Domination observe Adam's hair.

    Chapter Four

    The Nation of Domination move out.

    Shadow: Our objective is almost complete.
    Farooq: These weapons be heavy as hell tho! Help a brotha out?

    Christian carries Farooq's weapons.

    Christian: Don't get yourself killed now.

    The Nation of Domination go into the locker room and see D'Z and Aids Johnson talking to each other.

    Shadow: Hey! Lets go hear what they're saying before we kill them.

    The Nation of Domination hide behind lockers and listen on to Aids and D'Z's conversation.

    Aids: You're just a great wrestler, D'Z. I don't know how you do it.
    D'Z: Thank you. You know, even though you're not the IWT champion, you're still my champion.

    D'Z and Aids hug each other.

    Farooq: What the fuck is this gay ass shit. Aren't these niggas opponents tonight?
    Christian: That's D'Z for you.

    Christian facepalms and shoots both Aids and D'Z.
    Aids and D'Z look eye to eye as they take their last breaths.

    D'Z: I... love... yo

    Christian shoots D'Z.

    : Goddamn guy won't even die. Disgrace to this industry.
    Shadow: This is taking too long. Plan B?
    Farooq: Looks like it's Plan B.

    Chapter Five

    The Nation of Domination move out of the building. Farooq takes out a talkie and talks to the other person.

    Farooq: Hey. Can you hear me?
    Unknown man: Yes. Over. PFFF
    Farooq: We're going along with plan B. This is taking too long.
    Unknown man: Yes. I will complete the mission. Over

    Farooq looks onto the air.

    Farooq: It was good knowing you.

    Farooq throws the walkie talkie to the IWT Arena.
    The Nation of Domination run away from the arena.
    We look into the sky and see a plane heading towards the IWT Arena.
    The pilot seems to be none other than ArabHammer.
    [Shocking, I know]

    The plane rushes in and crashes into the IWT Arena as everything explodes.
    The Nation of Domination head onto a helicopter and leave.

    Christian: We have completed the mission. IWT... is no more. THIS IS THE END... OF IWT... AS WE KNOW IT! The Nation of Domination have out done 9/11.
    Farooq: Why the fuck you actin all dramatic for?
    Christian: Shut up, I'm in character.

    Christian and Farooq look onto Shadow.

    Christian/Farooq: WHAT THE FUCK!?

    Shadow: Aww man, it's been a long time since I've taken a break.
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  2. :dafuq: What the fuck?!
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  3. Dude, what the hell is this? @Delik, what should we do?
  4. Uh what...
  5. Farooq takes a Davy Crockett and aims it at the local Domino's Pizza. "Goodbye!" He says as he fires the nuke, killing Jonathan and nearly the entire city. He takes out the IWT Championship as Jonathan's head by his feet. "Welcome to Domino's Pizza, how may I help you?" He says as he kicks the head off of the helicopter and smokes a cigar.
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  6. Goddamn you guys ruining my threads.

    Christian wakes up from his dream.

    Christian: What the fuck? Yeah, that's enough drugs for me.

    Christian goes back to sleep
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  7. I would have no sold your bullets bro.
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  8. gyraj, i lol'd
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  9. No sold the suicide plane bombing
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