Storyline The end of the road

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  1. *the dazzling chavs music plays as gav the chav comes out to the ring receiving a standing ovation from the crowd*

    (Gav the chav) now theres been some rumours going around about the dazzling chavs lately so I thought I'd come out here and address you lot and put an end to all the speculation

    now the rumour is that the chavs are splitting up and are going there separate ways well sadly those rumours are true from today me and dazzle will no longer compete together we have achieved as much as we could possibly achieve it was one fucking amazing journey but now that journey has come to an end

    Sure we could reclaim the titles again but that would be going over old ground the order are no longer a force they once were and the cure is extinct thanks to yours truly theres literally nothing left for us to conquer so I guess this is the end of the chav era

    *gav drops the mic and begins to walk backstage*
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  2. *Thank you chants starts in the crowd*
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  3. OOC: Ok.............this is news to me.

    Gav, you mind PMing me.
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    *The crowd look in bewilderment as Sir Lee emerges from the back along with his generic assistant, his IWT Euro belt around his trademark blue suit. He strolls down to Gav, rubbing his hands together in delight. he is handed a Conservative branded mircrophone by his cronie. He then makes the cronie leave.*

    Lord Lee: Well, today..... I found out that one of the men that had their careers ME is one of the first three IWT HOFers... Makes my resume look pretty damn good right about now.

    *Lord Lee smirks as the crowd boo in unison.*

    Lord Lee: So I'm in a pretty chauvinistic mood right now, and you throwing your toys out of the pram and calling it quits with your little buddy. Now, remember who you beat to win the tag titles? The Cure; Me and Alias, after that it seemed like our momentum was knocked and we were on our way down to mediocrity. But you see, Sir Lee and Alias are two of the most intelligent and savvy men in IWT. I beat Dazzle twice and I beat you in PWGP (I can't do short promos, eh?)

    While you and Dazzle put your careers into question, me and Alias are lighting up our respective divisions. So now seems like the perfect time, before the dumbass chavs disband....

    How about we have The Dazzling Chavs fight together in one.more.match against Alias and Sir Lee; Or should I say Ben Dover. The Cure will reunite..... for ONE.MORE.NIGHT!!

    *The crowd go into a frenzy at the thought of Chavs v Cure II. Lord Lee smiles.*

    Lord Lee: For so long you acted like a man of the people, now GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT!
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  5. *gav picks up his mic and goes towards sir lee*

    (Gav the chav) you know what right since IWTMANIA gavs not been feeling himself he's lost that spark he once had that would allow him to knock cheeky ****s out like you out he's completely lost it but now gav sees this as a perfect opportunity to regain it gav gladly accepts your challenge and looks forward to seeing you when we face off again so I'll see you then oh and next time you see david Cameron ask him where the fuck is my dole money the stupid ****

    * gav drops the mic and leaves the ring*
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  6. OOC: HOLY SHIT FANGIRLING. Gav vs Dazzle :mog:
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  7. *holy shit chants start*
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  8. I second this.
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  9. i 3RD this Honestly :blackshock::blackshock::blackshock:
  10. Urmm aids... Its chavs v cure lol

    but I can sense dazzle v gav very very soon
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