The End of the Year Awards 2014 Results!

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    It's time ladies and gentlemen!
    The voting is over. The votes have been counted, re-counted, staff members have called each other slow, stupid and Canadian but most importantly....The results are in.

    So without further ado, drum roll please.....

    Best poster of 2014:
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    Stopspot at 5 votes!

    Most underrated of 2014:
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    Is a three way tie between @Tsar, @Leo C & @C.M. Bryan at 3 votes each!

    Most overrated of 2014:
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    @Dolph'sZiggler at 8 votes!

    Biggest WWE Fan of 2014:
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    @C.M. Bryan at 5 votes!

    Biggest TNA Fan of 2014:
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    @Testify at 14 votes!

    Biggest Indy Wrestling Fan of 2014:
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    Stopspot at 16 votes!

    Smartest Wrestling Fan of 2014:
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    Stopspot at 10 votes!

    Funniest Member of 2014:
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    @Dolph'sZiggler at 11 votes!

    Best Staff Member of 2014:
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    @Smoke with 9 votes!

    Best Newcomer of 2014:
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    @C.M. Bryan at 6 votes!

    Friendliest Member of 2014:
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    @Butters! at 10 votes!

    Most Annoying Member of 2014:
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    @Tsar at 9 votes

    The 2014 Hall of Fame inductee is:
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    @Crayo with 8 votes!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Awards will be sent out in the mail and should be expected in 3-4 weeks*.

    *Note. Awards will not actually be sent out. Feel free to make your own.

    Hip hip hurray!
  2. Congrats to all the winners
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  3. :harvey:
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    I know. I wouldn't want the biggest TNA fan award either.
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  5. Tell your mother to stop calling me at 2am every fucking night
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  6. I'm pretty sure she's not a TNA fan. She doesn't cater to that audience sorry.
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  7. Stopspot running away with the wins. Congrats to all.
  8. You're right. She caters to every cock out there
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  9. The absolute state of you tonight, mate.
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  10. Congrats to all the winners!

    Honored to have won two awards and sharing another one with Leo and Tsar.

    Thanks to the folks who voted for me.

    - And it's kinda lame we have to make our own awards banners or whatever, but at least we won and that's something.
  11. The last part was a joke. There hasn't been any "physical" awards before other than for the HOF winner.
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    Oh, I see... I wasn't aware of that, apologies then.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Thanks to everyone who voted for me! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. Being voted for as the best staff member is like saying a girl is the least ugliest in a line of ugly women. Still pretty cool I guess, thanks for the votes.
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  16. Can we get a list of the runner ups?
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  17. Best Poster
    2nd place:
    Snowman(4 votes)
    3rd place: Dolph'sZiggler(3 votes)

    Most Underrated
    2nd place: THG?/Sharpy Sandow/Snowman(2 votes)

    Most Overrated
    2nd place:
    Random Hero/Lockard23(3 votes)
    3rd place: Paige is Hot(2 votes)

    Biggest WWE Fan

    2nd place: Lockard23(4 votes)
    3rd place: Sharpy Sandow/CM Punk/Paige Is Hot/Trip in the Head/Stopspot(2 votes)

    Biggest TNA Fan
    2nd place:
    Snowman(6 votes)
    3rd place: GrammarNazi82(3 votes)

    Biggest Indies Fan
    2nd place:
    Candy Colored Clown(4 votes)
    3rd place: Majour/THG?(3 votes)

    Smartest Wrestling Fan

    2nd place: Lockard23(7 votes)
    3rd place: Wacokid27/Snowman/THG?(2 votes)

    Funniest Member
    2nd place: Random Hero(6 votes)
    3rd place: Dat Kid/Myself/Snowman(2 votes)

    Best Staff Member
    2nd place: Solidus(6 votes)
    3rd place: Stopspot(5 votes)

    Best Newcomer
    2nd place: Sharpy Sandow(5 votes)
    3rd place: Majour(3 votes)

    Friendliest User
    2nd place:
    GrammarNazi82(5 votes)
    3rd place: Snowman/Majour/Myself(2 votes)

    Most Annoying
    2nd place:
    Paige Is Hot(5 votes)
    3rd place: C.M Bryan(3 votes)

    Hall of Famer
    2nd place: Snowman(5 votes)
    3rd place: Stopspot/CM Punk(4 votes)
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  18. I object I'm a beautiful woman.
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  19. WTF, Biggest WWE Fan? C'mon guys. Better than being a TNA fan though.