Storyline The end of Trip in the Head?

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  1. *A news camera and crew are seen outside of Trip in the Head's butcher shop. The building looks like it hasn't been used in some time. There is a condemned notice on the door, the windows are boarded up, and the infamous yellow tape can be seen out front. Construction vehicles approach the building*

    Female Reporter (to camera): We're here outside of IWT star Trip in the Head's butcher shop. The place looks abandoned and has been scheduled for destruction by the city as the bills have not been paid in some time. Oh it looks like they are starting now.

    *The construction vehicles begin to tear the building down. The sign from the butcher shop, with the infamous "I love meat" slogan on it falls to the ground and smashes on impact with the concrete.*

    Female Reporter (to camera): No one from the IWT has seen or heard from Trip in the Head for some time now, but when last he was seen he was in a questionable state of mind to say the least. We may never know what happened to this once great superstar.

    *The camera turns off and the reporter begins to talk to her crew*

    Female Reporter: All right guys, lets get the HELL out of here. This place gives me the creeps.

    *Once the reporter and crew get their stuff picked up they make there way to the van to put the equipment away*

    Crew member (pointing at the van): Hey what the hell is that!?

    *On the side of the van written in what looks like blood in giant letters is the phrase "SEE YOU SOON"*
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