Storyline The End To The Tag Titles Match

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  1. Jonathan stands in the ring

    Jonathan: Your winners, And NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIO-

    The lights go out as a figure appears behind Jonathan in a leather jacket with the hood covering the face

    Unknown: Surprise motherfucker.

    Unknown spins Jonathan around and the brawl begins

    @Trip in the Head
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  2. *Unknown starts laying into Jonathon who is completely taken off guard. He barely gets his hands up in his face to deflect some of the blows. The Desperadoes look on from the ramp and smile before turning and walking up the ramp to the back, leaving the scene. Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony are still in the ring on the mat after taking the worst beating they have ever endured. Dazzle and Gav are on the outside of the ring blaming each other for their loss in the match and not really paying attention to whats going on in the ring.

    Unknown knocks Jonathon down to the mat and starts stomping a mud hole in him. All of a sudden Trip runs at Unknown and goes for a clothesline, but Unknown sees it coming and ducks causing Trip to bounce of the ropes which Unknown follows up with a back body drop. Trip hits the mat hard as a look of pain is seen across his face. Unknown laughs at Trip, but turns just in time to see Marcus Anthony come sailing down with a superman punch to Unknown's face, knocking him down. Unknown rolls out under the ropes holding his jaw as he looks frustrated at not being able to complete his assault. Marcus helps Jonathon get back up and Trip raises to one knee using the ropes for help, eyeing Unknown fiercely. The Order stands tall with Jonathon in the ring as Unknown starts to make his way up the ramp. He then stops half way up the ramp and asks for a microphone from a ring attendant.*

    OOC: Please don't interrupt guys. We are building a story line here.
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  3. Unknown starts to spit blood from his mouth after the superman punch to the jaw, he shouts down the mic

    Unknown: So you have to get your little back up it seems, eh? You could never face me 1 on 1, You had me removed from the building mid show at IWTMania and took the win, in a bullshit victory you technically have the 1 up on me but I doubt that at IWT Old School you can pull the same thing, but before then when I demand to get my hands on you, I want a little warm up. You see at IWT Old School you and me will face 1 on 1, this isn't a challenge this is a fact but before then, you and your little back up. Can face me in a match but I wont be alone. See you then motherfucker.​
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