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    Spawn walks out and steps into the ring with a mic in his hand.

    Spawn - Ladies and gentlemen. Let me be the first to introduce you to this brand that I am stuck to now. Welcome to the shit show ladies and gentlemen. Look past the fact that I am the one out here to address this to all you idiots who bought your tickets for this show. You came to the show full of losers. They say I was a loser. Now they stick me on this show with the rest of this sour grapes. I look around and I see no one important. I see no Aids Johnson's, no Jack Forte's. Hell I don't even see Nick over here.

    You have been robbed of your money and time as I have been robbed of my pride. I am forced to come out and here and tell you all that I am glad to welcome you here, and that I will make this show epic and entertaining for all of you. But you all know I couldn't give a fuck about what you want. Michael better understand that by putting me on this show I am not going to make Warfare look petty and weak. I could care less about Warfare than I do about Battleground.

    Everyone back there who is going to perform for this corny little show, listen up. Michael has trapped us all in the same cage. You are all little sheep trapped in confinement. Trapped with me. This is my show now. You all better realize that I am the one you run to. I am the one you talk to when you want to do something. If you want to use a mic, ask me first or I will rip out your tongues and stick the mic so far down your throat that we hear you pissing yourself in fear.
    This place is a shit hole, so I am gonna help it sink to the ground by destroying all of you stuck with me. Maybe then Micheal might think better of what to do with me. Maybe then he will realize I am a beast among men. Then he will realize that the true loser will be him!

  2. Out of nowhere, the lights go out for about 10 seconds. Spawn looks bewildered, and doesn't know what's happening. When the lights turn on, however, Danny Jacobs stands in front of Spawn, face-to-face. Danny Jacobs doesn't even grab a microphone but goes right after the beast, hitting him with forearms but Spawn doesn't seem to be hurt. Spawn no-sells, and throws Danny Jacobs in the corner to go to town with him but Danny ducks and kicks him in the balls, going dirty. He then runs the ropes and hits Spawn with a huge big boot, forcing him to fall out of the ring. Spawn stands up and looks annoyed at Danny Jacobs' actions, as Danny grabs the mic.

    ''Gotta be ready for all-comers, and I guess you just weren't ready for THE BIG GUY~! kicking your ass out of this ring. You want to claim that you're the shit? That you're the man around here?

    Danny Jacobs chuckles to himself, and then continues.

    ...Think again.''

    ''As far as I'm concerned, you ain't shit around here. Your vote means nothing. This is a dictatorship ran by Danny Jacobs himself, and as he's laying down the law, know that your ass is not allowed around here, so take your bags and fuck off, because this is my turf, this is my ring and I ain't sharing it with nobody.''

    ''Unless... You want to fight for it? Battle for supremacy. Danny Jacobs vs. Spawn. I will spit more fire on your ass with a microphone than you've ever seen in the depths of hell, brother, and with the strength of Hercules and the arms of, well, me, I will break your fucking back and cause the spawn to despawn.''
  3. Spawn begins to laugh as he wipes his hair back behind his head.

    Spawn - Danny Jacobs. I am rather shocked to see you coming out here and attacking me. Just like Alias...
    You even call me names and say I am not worth shit?
    Unlike Alias, you lost your match and your precious title. That title was the only thing that kept you relevant you roided up generic mess. Why would I give you a match? You are not worth my time. You are not Dat Kid, no Aids Johnson, no Alias Antonio. You are no Jack forte...

    Does it sting to hear his name Danny? Does it hurt you to admit your defeat?
    Now I am a fair man. Let it be heard. So at IWT Redemption, I think it is fitting that you are given another chance to prove yourself as the black sheep among these jokes.
    You got the match. See you in hell.​
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