The Face of NoD

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Aids Johnson, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. This is what the only diva/the face of NoD looks/talks/sounds/acts like.

    Rules? :haha:
  2. I'm better than that loser, Mr. Johnson. I'm sure @[The Rock*] knows about this and that he knows damn well that he needs me in the NoD.
  3. She is disgusting, and you are so much better than the NoD. BLFFL could be a diva in there because her posts are up to date with the rest of the 12 year old opinions there. Save up your money and make your own group, or wait until i do and join team TNA.
  4. As per discussions with my WF boss/lover Mr. @[Vince McMahon], we have both decided to join the NoD and give it a chance. We will take your post into consideration in the future. Thank you.
  5. Youre with that dbag? Nevermind, get out of my life. Don't forget to vote for me for MotM, as im much better looking than vince, i make better topics, i make you laugh harder, and im just that damn good.

    Love, your favorite heel.
  7. I liked you better as regality. When vince joins the NoD It's officially time to :bury: you all.
  8. One, Vince is not a "dirtbag". Second, I didn't even entered YOUR life. Lastly, I thick you'll lose June's MoTM. Try August, when I'm not running.
  9. Whenever i win, it'll be the first time a heel wins MotM, and you and vince are like Newt/Santorum, you're terrible ideas will cancel each other out. Read below for the only reason why.
  10. Look, if you're having a hard time finding a partner, you don't need to blame that shit to us.

    Because I'm that damn attractive.
  11. I dont need a partner, NoD should be called team jobbing, a bunch of flunkies trying to look powerful together. Farooq needs to drop you all and find a team full of winners. None of you will live up to team showoff. As for me? Bobby Roode of the forums, I am the it factor. Why?