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  1. Aids Johnson walks out as the verse begins to a loud boo from the crowd once again shouting You're retired with a weak We love Aidsey chant. He steps passed the titantron and stops to get handed a toothpick, microphone, and bottle of Glenfiddich, before running down and sliding sideways into the middle of the ring. He lays down for a second before standing up and point to the summerslam icon held on the 2nd titantron away from the ring.

    Not too long from now we will all be involved in the final test before my road to Wrestlemania. I beat Alias, I put Michael back in his place, and now I face a competitor who I see as part of the future of the IWT. You call me old, but here I am four years later hanging with the best of them, new, old, good, great, I stand before you as the MAN in this company. There is another title that claims it involves the universe but I see no aliens even though I want to believe. I see nothing other worldly about this, so that title means nothing but an overstatement to me, because the main even happens in MY ring. I am the IWT until someone puts me down for good, and clearly even the 2nd greatest champion in IWT history cannot do it.

    I'm talking about Alias obviously, that son of a bitch learned that when you back the GOAT into a corner, you are going to get bitten and I left with the same title I wear around my waist right now. I'm the man you don't want to face or ever see @Ovaldinho and Lord Lee in your corner just means more ammo for my arsenal. I am taking this as my final test, because after I face you there is nothing left to prove i'm not a piece of paper. I am the realest threat in this company, hands down. Not Forte, Not the Bullad Club, no one. Aidsey is walking in with a chip on his shoulder so if you have something to say - say it to my face.

    Aids leans in the corner before taking a pull from the bottle, waiting for a response....
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  2. Everyone's attention abruptly turns to the titantron as Ovaldinho becomes the image emitted from it, he appears on set where there seems to be a filming crew going over plans in the background. He finishes his Nandos butterfly chicken with Peri Peri sauce as he stares Aids down. Upon finishing, he wipes his mouth with a napkin and clears his throat

    Well it's nice for us to finally speak, Mr. 5 time 5 time 5 tiiime....

    Luis stops and lets out a light, friendly chuckle, a grin creeping up the corner of his mouth

    You get the idea. Apologies for not being there though Aids. I would have been honoured to finally meet you face to face but I'm here in London doing a promotion for Nandos. I'll have a doggy bag of the finest chicken in the World wrapped up, my treat to you when we meet at Summerslam. And also, it's better that we meet at Summerslam anyway. Why give away that mouthwatering first face to face view so soon?

    Luis lightly shrugs and looks off to the side for a moment

    But business aside I'm in genuine amazement that I'm facing you in an IWT title match. Don't allow my playful nature to be misinterpreted as disrespect. This is the state of mind I get myself into when I have to do these godforsaken commercials.

    Luis lets out a mild sigh

    You see, everyone I know in this industry has told me about how unfortunate the timing of our match is for me. I face Aids Johnson just as he decided to perform at his best again. Let's be honest here Aids, you may be the face of the IWT, the man with the most history and the most IWT titles, but 2014 saw a much less deadly Aids Johnson take form, and that 'AJ Light' you brought to the ring, match after match stuck around for a good while. Even in your best matches between then and your resurgence against Alias, it's all felt like a washed down version of what you once were. But I'm glad you've brought back the OG Aids Johnson, the Aids Johnson that
    earned a Hall of Fame ring. This in mind, I think to myself.. What good does facing a below par Aids do to me as a competitor in the long term? None. Win or lose, being given the privilege to face the GOAT perform like the GOAT he what will make me all the more fulfilled. Sure, easier opposition would allow me to win the IWT title much easier, but screw an easy IWT title win, I'm above that.

    So keep at it Aids, I never ask for diet cola or a non-alcoholic sham of a drink. I want what I get at full force, full strength. That goes for you too Aids, give me all you got, I've been looking to test myself ever since I came here. I conquered the test that was 'Jwabs tournament to win', almost too easily. I know you'll give me a reason to break a sweat, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Luis ruffles his hand through his thick head of hair as he processes the reality of everything he just said. Before too long he recomposing once more

    See you at Summerslam, Champ Johnson. But one last thing; make sure you keep that big gold clean... I may need to wear it one day.

    Luis courteously salutes Aids with an air of playfullness before walking off camera, a glowing smile plastered on his face as he leaves
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