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    IWT's youtube page has a new video up - It's the Aids' exclusive after ring promo to the crowd. After nearly 20,00 of the 24,344 people have left the arena and the superstars have left the arena, a theme hits and stops everyone in their tracks.

    The crowd turns immediately around to shout and scream FTJ! FRANK THE JOCK! before Aids walks out to the entrance to a giant boo one more time. He holds up his IWT title in his hand - jeering the crowd by sitting cross legged at the top of the stage holding his "pipebomb" and pointing to the section of 112 holding their Aidsey Wins lol signs up and booing loudest.

    Look in my eyes!? What do you see? The champion of the IWT. Call me Zeus, because I once again am STILL your IWT champion. Lightning struck twice in one night and here I sit like Frank loves Cock in this arena to tell you that I TOLD YOU SO. You think Summerslam will tell you anything different? I am the man with the last word, I am your closer, and whether you like it or not I am THE World champion of this company! I beat Alias, I beat Michael, and now a new man takes his chance at my title. You know what I think?

    I earned the next event off, because at Summerslam I will face the man who earned his right to THE IWT title, and there will be no discussion of paper champions or anything else that deters from our earning of being in the main event of the IWT at Summerslam. That's right, the Scheduled Main Event might be the IC belt, or the "Universal" championship, but your eyes will be on our match, hoping I show up drunk or that your new hero comes out against me ready to go against the champ.

    Truth is he will show up, and the truth is that when you become God, grenades feel like mosquito bites. I'm going to give 100% again to show that I am more than just your 5x 5x 5x FIVE TIME champion of the IWT! because I am the greatest champion here for a reason. Truth be told, these cuts are real, these bruises will heal, and this pain is as real as the bottle in my hand. I earned tonight, and I earned this momeny. This one is for you section 1-1-2! *aids takes a shot*

    This one is for you Alias! *Aids takes a shot* This one is for you Michael! *Aids takes a shot* but most importantly, this one is for you Aidsey! *Aids takes a 5 second pull, killing nearly half the bottle*

    So prepare your bodies for Summerslam, because the man who defied odds twice in a row just shocked you twice in one night, what do you think I have in store for the 2nd biggest event of IWT for 2016? I've said it before and i'll say it one more time....wins and losses don't matter...

    But this right here, this is Aids year! 2016 is my time, and if you didnt believe it before you showed up tonight, you damn sure have been put on notice. There is no more Frank the Jock. Senhor Perfect, Seabs, Dat From Kid, and anyone you knew from the Old era are long forgotten or just memories, but I, I, I am the IWT champion you will remember my name forever. Come at me, bro.

    *Aids goes from crouched to up on his feet, moving from one corner of the stage taunting to the other, as the fans boo loudly. He stops one more time before walking into the backstage, facing away from the fans with his belt over his shoulder facing him, before walking into the back*
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  2. You ring? Dojo & I are busy rn
  3. Aids has to be drunk. lmao.
  4. What's a dojo

  5. Michael, in the production truck, plays FTJ's real theme to make Aids look like a fool.
  6. *crowd pops louder than Aids' pop*
  7. Lol was barely drunk, and FTJ used multiple themes, pretty sure we had a huge argument about me using CM Punk's theme in one of our matches. Shadow, I was talking about after SS and facing you after I retain man.
    Both louder than any dat pop From Jersey's ever.

    If I had to put it on the scale, less drunk than my first promo vs you Roadie, more than my 2nd.
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