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  1. *The scene opens up in the IWT arena. The crowd stirring with excitement.*​
    *The crowd let's off cheers as Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage. He has a smile on his face and a tuxedo on.*​
    Announcer: Well, Joey makes his way to the ring but... he looks happy?​
    Announcer 2: He gave the fight of his life at Summerslam and I too am shocked to see him looking so happy.​
    *He makes his way into the ring and grabs a mic.*​
    “What the fuck is this company turning in to? Behind the scene brawls, Cure taking over, The Crusade trying to battle against them, and a bunch of rookies. I’m one of those rookies and I’m one of those rookies that stepped into this ring at Summerslam and gave it my all against David in The Cure and Farooq and B.Dazzle but my all was not enough. No matter how many times I bashed the scumbags in the cure in that match, it was not enough and David still got the better of me and won that X-Division title. No really, props to him! Clap for him!”
    *They all boo and Joey laughs*​
    “That’s what I thought. The reality of the situation is the Cure is a bunch of scumbags! They’re a bunch of new guys that came out of literally nowhere like an RKO from Randy Orton, and took this company by storm. They didn’t do it through cheating or dirty tactics no, they are here to dominate and that Summerslam PPV is being renamed the Cureslam by them. Very fitting. Hell, I’ve so far faced two of the members. David got the better of me but I went to war with Ben Dover and he deserves more than he gets. Overall though, I don’t want to build their ego up too much. The cure are dirty, they’re annoying, they won’t leave you alone even if you call their parents or get a restraining order, their egos are through the roof and for the last time I’m sick of it! So fucking sick of seeing these assholes in the Cure act like all they do is win when eventually I know for a fact it’s all going to come back and hurt them. I applaud the Crusade, no really!”
    *The entire crowd claps and Joey nods his head.*​
    “Yes! Yes! Cheer for them! They are here to save this company! Right?!”
    *Joey then takes off his jacket to his suit and reveals a “Cure” T-shirt. The entire arena loses their shit and burst into boos. Joey’s smile goes away and he begins screaming into the mic.*​
    “I’m on the move! I’m going to ride till I die and if you get in my way you better watch yourself! I’m going to ride till I die and it should be no surprise! The Cure are a bunch of arrogant scumbags that can’t work their way out of a cardboard box. But I love it! I’m going to ride until THEY die. Fuck with us, just go ahead and try. Die for me IWT universe, Die for me die for me! Bust a 45 for me! Ride for me, die for me, FACE THE JUDGE AND LIE FOR ME. But eventually….”
    *He now stops screaming and looks right into the camera with a sadistic smirk on his face.*​
    “…we’ll all be cured.”
    *He drops the mic as his music plays and the crowd boos.*​
    Announcer: What the… he has gone completely psycho! I couldn't even understand him!​
    Announcer 2: I don’t… is… is he in the Cure now?!​
    *The scene fades…*​

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  10. 9/10 he was probably drunk
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