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  1. Aids walks out to a huge pop, holding the hand of Sage aka @Lady Deathbane to a huge pop. Aids holds a bottle in his hand, stopping at the top of the stage - taking a pull before passing it to Sage, as she passes the microphone - before holding it up to a "youre retired" chant"

    Spend less time on my dick, and more on your boyfriends you ****s. Welcome to the house that AIDS BUILT! Best for buildness, and I'm about to be Mr 5x5x5x5x5x IWT Champ of the world. You think I forgot about my opportunity? Alias aka @THG? has beaten me every time we have matched up, but here I am. Opportunity is knocking, and i'm going to answer the door with a Hof ring and steal that belt like the champion I am. I'm going to shake up the entire IWT, because..


    So when this PPV ends, enjoy your world, because if Evander thinks he can spend time gunning for the title, i'll spend my time main eventing, becoming once again the greatest man to ever spend his time im tine IWT. Alias is going to count his time as well spent beating AIDS again, but I am here to fix the past, and add you to my history like Incognito. You might be better than me, but like all of the former legends I face you need to realize - when Aids shows up - he wins.

    You have a long reply with fancy colors in comic sans? Bring it.
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  2. *Alias walks out with a mic in hand already, along with an expression of disdain and contempt towards Aids' and his words, also with the omission of Jwab by his side. He starts speaking.*
    Aids Johnson. I honestly don't understand what you're talking about half the occasions this company is blessed with your presence, with your faltering, indecipherable, drunken rhetoric that you spew each and every time you decide to back out of retirement and come back for ONE.....MORE.....RUN.....................TO....THE.....LIQUOR STORE!

    *Alias begrudgingly smirks as he enters the ring.*
    I did, however, along with the rest of the audience, try and read between the lines of what you were saying, I guess. Trying to grasp the gist of your promo. And I'm assuming you want a title shot? I'd normally tell you to fuck off and get to the back of the line because I don't like handing things to undeserving people just like the way this company has never handed me anything throughout my tenure here. I didn't receive my rematch clause for whatever reason, I had to FIGHT to get a title shot, coincidentally versus the man you lost that title to, Michael. And you know what's the difference between me and you Aids? I actually beat him. And I've beaten you. Twice. And I'm standing here as the IWT Champion. So the question does sprout; what have you exactly done to deserve a rematch? Lose to Michael, disappear, fight some drunk fellas outside your local Wisconsin hick pub, come back AGAIN, lose an IC title match, challenge Evander Amos? And now you think you have the prerogative to CHALLENGE ME just because of your Hall Of Fame ring, and just because you've won that title in eras where all you had to do was beat VP a couple of times and beat FTJ a few times, and BOOM, before you know it you're a 4 time IWT Champion. That's why when real competition presents itself, like myself, you come embarrassingly short. You fall short of the glory of the devil, and you damn well know that as much as I do. You may have built the IWT, but it was never strong enough to sustain itself without MY help. One man cannot sustain a falling disaster by himself, so the IWT has crumbled many times due to it's crooked ways, but this time is the time I rebuild the IWT. I've made that clear since coming back. NO ONE HAS HEEDED THE MESSAGE, BUT THE PARADIGM IS SHIFTING NOW AIDS.

    But one thing does come to mind though, the paradigm that I've envisioned and constructed can not officially fully shift until I put down the old mutt who won't stop barking up the wrong tree. Aids, I accept your challenge. At Uprising, the only thing that'll rise will be The New IWT. You're going down, pal.
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  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Daaaaaaayum! You gonna let him talk to you like that Aids! Shit, he got you good.

    The camera zooms up to the nosebleeds where Evander sits with the fans.

    Couldn't a been shit, i wish a nigga would. He is right The New IWT is going to rise, the only thing is the New IWT isn't you Aids, but it sure as hell doesn't start with Alias Antonio. The New IWT starts with me, I might've lost to Jwab in the 1st round, but I am not a far from that championship, in fact I never will. I have set my sights on that belt and I can be defeated a million times, but I will always be a few feet away from that belt...and you Alias.

    As for Aids, I told you not to underestimate me. You come out here to challenge Alias as if you don't have other business to tend to. You keep your eyes of me and I SWEAR TO GOD it'll be the last thing you remember doing. You getting in the ring of me, treating it like it's a waste of time, moving on to other things as if I don't exist. I EXIST AIDS, OH IM VERY REAL, IM THE REALEST NIGGA IN THIS BUILDING!

    Evander gets out of his seat and walks to the railing

    Maybe I got to put your lights out to let you know how real things are just about to get! You're in an iron man match with me Aids, one full hour of a man that you don't know a GOD DAMN thing about! Alias is the devil that you know, but I'm the devil that's just gonna leave you wrecked in the middle of that ring! And after I'm done beating your ass, I'm gonna beat Alias' ass, then I'ma kick Jwab's ass, then I'ma kick Micheal's ass, followed by Jack Forte, and any other nigga that looked at me and saw nothing!

    By the time you realize that I am more than just some rookie, I'll already be too far for you to even keep up.

    Evander throws the mic off the side of the railing and exits.
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  4. Aids looks at both men before taking One....More...pull and moving Sage's arm up to hold the microphone for him.

    I have never beaten you Alias, and One...more...chance to me is worth more than all of my other accomplishments. As for Evander, haha, how I spend my time before our match is substantially greater than all the bullshit runins you have been putting yourself into currently, so shut your fucking whore mouth and enjoy the opportunity like anyone and everyone else would do. I am the reason people will tune in, you just lost to fucking JWAB for fucks sakes, and you want to tell ME what to do? You need to build yourself up for the biggest match of your career, the end all be all type shit for your midcard ass.

    As for you Alias, I won't be showing up with this bottle, i'll be taking the Hall of Fame ring off my finger, because this is not about becoming champion, this is 100% about proving to myself I am worth a damn. I might not walk out as the winner, hell I probably wont. But i'll compete. I'll give you every last ounce of blood in my system to prove to myself that it was not a fluke, it was not a joke, that I am here now and always as a man and a champion who didnt need the VP's or the FTJ's to become champion. I will walk out of here proud and ready for Summerslam where I beat a new bitches ass and everyone yawns at me once again, but they will NOT take away what I will bring at Uprising.

    I might be a drunk, but I refuse to go down as someone who everyone assumes was given everything, I will prove I might not be the best in the ring, but when push comes to shove, I can fuck with the best of them.
  5. OOC: Everyone walking out with the locker room hooker, nowadays. :cole:
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  6. I didnt come out with @Solid Snake homie.
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  8. Hey @Aids Johnson I'm making you some cookies

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  9. Everyone knows Frankie loved him some 1 on 1 time with you Britannia. @Dat Kid what'd you say in the video about it again? OH HELL NO! Give me your cookie or you wont get no nookie?
  10. *Alias scratches his chin at the sight of Evander Amos, the second encounter with him. But immediately directs his attention back to Aids.*
    Aidsy, Aidsy, Aidsy. All this fighting spirit bullshit is real cute, I don't give a shit though. But a wonderful idea just came to mind. You always ramble about that damn Hall Of Fame ring like your whole life depended on it and I'm frankly sick of it. I'm frankly sick I haven't been gifted one, but then again, NOTHING has ever been handed to me, and I want it to stay that way. I wanna FIGHT for it. Aids, you stupid son of a bitch. Put that Hall Of Fame ring on the line at our title match. Raise the stakes, if you really mean well with this boastful challenge of yourse. Do it if you've really got the Johnsons in you, Aids.
  11. My ring vs your title? Never. My shot is set in stone, so wht is in it for me? My ring vs your???
  12. You said it yourself. My title pal. That's fair for me
  13. my entire career vs your belt now? no. The shot is mine regardless.
  14. From face to heel in 2.5 promos:burns:
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  15. Who said it was your entire career mate? I said the HoF ring.
  16. OOC: Think he means, that the ring represents his entire career. Which it kind of does.
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