The Final Build

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  1. The segment starts with a new female announcer holding a microphone up. She smiles and lets the people know "I am here with Aids Johnson, the only three time IWT champ," Before the camera pans out to show Aids standing next to her. She begins to ask questions, but Aids just hands her his bottle of scotch and trades it for the microphone. The crowd can be heard popping as Aids motions for her to move out of the picture, before holding up the mic. He waits a few seconds as the crowd begins to chant "We've got AIDS," before laughing and holding his mic up.

    The main event of Wrestlemania, the biggest match of the year - but not suspected to be the biggest and best match of the evening. IWT Champion Joey Bryant vs Forrest vs Aids Johnson, 2013 superstar of the year. *Aids Pauses*

    The biggest match of Wrestlemania, with the smallest amount of build. The man everyone considers to be the luckiest IWT Star, vs the man who finally won his first IWT title, against the man who the masses claim needs this win to keep himself from getting walked out the door - Aids Johnson. You see the champ isn't here, but the masses are prepared for the IWT title match, demanding a big match while greed and assumptions rule their opinions on the ending of the main event. *Aids motions over, and hands the mic off for his 24 year old scotch back, tapping the bottom of the hands of the female interviewer to ensure it is held close to him - taking a pull*

    The future of the IWT, the Royal Rumble winner, and the man who needs a win more than ever before. I am in my second Wrestlemania, and I will keep this party short. *Aids moves back on the camera as @Majour ms Vargas is shown standing next to him* You see the future of the IWT is in my hands. The other 1st generation stars are in subpar matches while I walk out for the main event. The ball is in my hands - the pressure is on - and everyone in the IWT universe hates on me while supporting the fact I give relevance to the IWT title, the only belt that people cared less about than the WHC match, has been changed and twisted to ensure greatness.

    Joey Bryant vs Aids Johnson, sure there is a third competitor but he is the one who has the opportunity to create his own future - while Aids and Joey battle for the iron throne. What more can I say? My team is behind me, and we have only just begun. The Job squad aka the order will have a great match vs the dazzing chavs after FTJ and Fooq daddy go 1v1, but the main reason I am here is to point out the future of the IWT.

    The IWT title match means something less now, and only one man is to blame for it. *Crowd boos* Yeah Joey Bryant has been anything but active in the last month, coming back to let you all know he was gone to prepare for the biggest match of his career, failing to allow himself to admit that I am the man who makes this match. I don't need to be here after WM, you could take the top 3 competitors behind me and my salary still is the Trump to their Donald. Let this interview be my last promise before the main event - Everyone can talk about match of the night, but like the fourth of July they claim their fireworks are the greatest all before the finale begins. 4 time IWT champion, get in line to clean my boots team.

    *Aids takes a short pull of his scotch before passing it to the announcer, nudging her to take a pull from his bottle, and as she contemplates what to do the camera fades to black*
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  2. Just before Aids starts talking, Artist gives @Bill Clinton his blanket and pillow...
  3. Bitch, I don't sleep through Aids Johnson matches and promos.
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  4. He takes them back goes to the corner and starts crying...
  5. OOC: The Job Squad!? The Order is clean sweeping Mania this year - just watch. Gotta love the effort put in here though. Do it up playa.

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    And you wonder why people claim Aids and Vargas are knocking boots, all showing her in your locker room and stuff. Mmmmm hmmmmmm. :ksi:
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  6. OOC You surprised I wasn't giving the order it's dues? Look at the church hate lol.
  7. OOC I know its all kayfabe :dawg: Just giving you a hard time. I hope we do all walk away with a 'W' from Mania. What other stable can say that in IWT history? The cure? (IDK TBH, its why I'm asking)
  8. You ain't takin home that "W" how you gonna win when Dazzles standing here in front of you?
  9. I ain't seen Dazzle since Thursday TBH (see our latest build thread).
  10. Froggy Fresh rapper bro, are you getting old :sad:
  11. :notsure:
  12. Everyone but George won in the cure at summerslam. David, THG and Oval, and myself.
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  13. Damn, you guys went 4 for 5 because you had 5 members, we only got 4. Could still do it though, hahahaha. I will so rub it in the Cure's face if we do BTW, so prepare for that :dawg:

    :damn: THG is a stable whore ain't he? :jeritroll:
  14. Lol yes like thats gunna happen!
  15. What about the JOB Squad vs The Order, @Big Boss we got some taco's to buy..
  16. [​IMG]
  17. lmao we went 3-4, as the tag division is what THG and Oval won, just like how you have 4 matches at WM.
  18. Oh right, tag matches, ok, I misread that then. My bad. So there's a chance!
  19. That was exactly my reaction too
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  20. Wasn't it jwab and thg?
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