Storyline The Final Countdown

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  1. Bruce Knight is walking backstage as a camera crew approaches him on his way back to his locker room. He looks vibrant and energetic, ready for his match against Bryant and Aids. The Camera Crew begin to ask questions but Knight, being somewhat hyper, grabs the microphone and begins to cut a promo.

    "Hey IWT...It's me, Bruce Knight. Of course, You would of put more attention onto Aids and Joey, Seeing as they will steal the show. Now, Seeing as many of you think this is "Aids Johnson vs Joey Bryant with a Cameo from Bruce Knight", I've been thinking about my spot in the match, Joey calling my RR win a Fluke, which it was...but Joey, You can answer me this at any time....What if Someone else won the rumble? Alias? Sir Lee? Would you have called their victories a fluke? I doubt it. You, like most people in IWT, fear I'll be the one to ruin this match...That haven't got the skill to compete with people like Aids Johnson and Joey Bryant. The meaning to this match has been getting clearer to me as we approach Mania...Your words, as well as others....have brought me to the realization that I am truly the Underdog here. I have no chance of winning when I'm in the ring with two of IWT's finest...but that won't stop me."

    Knight begins to walk down the corridor as the Camera Crew follow him, in hopes of retrieving their microphone back.

    " Just because no one believes I'll win...doesn't mean that I can't get the winning pinfall here, Joey. I was an X-Division competitor before I won the Rumble, I had no hopes of Main Eventing IWTMania but you see, despite the many people doubting me, putting me down to be some Irrelevant Guy who somehow made his way to the main event, Despite that...I still have the Motivation, the Determination and the Passion I need to put in my best performance to date against you and Aids Johnson. Even if I don't win...I'll show everyone that I'm more then an X-Division Star...That I can go onto to become a Champion in IWT, Be It in the Main Event or Be It in the future...I'll show everyone that they shouldn't underestimate the Underdog.
    Joey, Aids...I am the Underdog and I'm not to be Underestimated."

    Knight passes the Microphone back to the Camera Crew and walks off, Into his locker room.
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  2. Bruce Knight gonna win don't even show up Aids and Bryant gotta start crying.
  3. OOC great promo.