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    The lights in the entire arena shut off.

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    Candles appear on the titantron, the arena filled with nothing but whispers from the crowd and the music. A figure appears on stage after 20 seconds. The male holds a candle, so no one can see his face. The man walks down the stage, and down the ramp. Walking at a slow pace, he makes no reaction to the crowd, and the crowd only responds by talking to each other. The male sets the candle down beside the ring, before slowly entering it. He picks up the candle, then walks to the center of the ring. He then blows the candle out, the candles on the titantron disappearing. Darkness returns to the arena now.

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    The lights come on, and the man is standing in the center of the ring. Dressed with black boots, black pants, black gloves and a red and black coat with his hood up to cover his face. In his right hand, is a IWT microphone. "Internet Wrestling Titles..." The man says as he begins to speak, having a bit of an Iraqi accent. "I... was born between the darkness and light. Born through the conflict of countries, I have seen lives lost and lives restore. I have fought through pain, fought through grief, fought through blood and many more hardships in my life. My past, now that you have seen part of it, is nothing but a shadow. The future is the light, but it is being created. I, am the present, the line between the future and the past, the one who takes the knowledge of the past, and uses it to create the advanced future. Now... what does that have to do with me or IWT? Simple, I am here to carve IWT into success. I am neither an enemy or ally to anybody here regardless. No personal feelings to anyone...I came here, to dominate. There's a reason why I chose to join this company, and not the downwhirl spiral that is FSW or ACW. Because I want to fight, the best." He said, some fans booing for the bashing of the other companies.

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    He removes the hood from his face, his long straight black hair flowing out and his mask being revealed to the audience.

    He speaks once more, lifting the microphone to his face. "I ask, for someone to come out from the locker room and face me. Show, that you are all the warriors that I have heard. Champion, veteran, rookie, anybody. Challenge... the Ami Ennemi. Prove that you are all not cowards, and that this is a company filled with those who long to fight. Otherwise, I'll go back there and go for the hunt."
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  2. Suddenly.......

    *The crowd erupts in a mix of cheers and boos as FSW's latest acquisition, former IWT and WH champion, Alias Antonio saunters his way down to the ring. He is sporting an FSW t-shirt, and some ripped denim jeans. Before entering the ring, he takes one long glare at the audience and shakes his head, before intensely staring at Ami Ennemi, also shaking his head. He enters the ring and asks for a mic, receiving it.*

    Many thought I'd never be observed in an IWT ring ever again after my recent comments and actions, all justified and warranted may I add. I've burnt the IWT bridge, but they know life without Alias Antonio was going to be much tougher than previously assessed, I knew that as much as they did too, so I decided to pay IWT a visit, with my eyes set on Jono. But first thing I see? This eerie, ominous, perplexing debuting guy who hides under a mask. And it intrigued me, it really did. It enticed me to come out here and give these fans a treat. But I'm about to throw you a bone buddy.

    *Alias stops for one minute and thinks of what he's going to say.*

    You see, I haven't heard back from Jonathan since Summerslam, but sources close to me tell me that he is SCARED to get in the ring with Alias Antonio, which isn't exactly surprising now, is it? But me being the adamant son of a bitch I am, I am NOT giving up so easily. Jonathan will not win this war, and I'll get my hands on him one way or another. And I wanna rustle each and every one of his jimmies for him to accept to my match, and I will. But I am now giving him an advantage, he can accept this match whenever he wants, not only for Night Of Champions. Actually, it is way more convenient for me, because I think my Night Of Champions plans have just taken a new direction.

    I know Jono must be rallying behind you backstage, I'm sure you're Jono's pet project. It's nothing personal Ami, but my goal is to destroy anything pertaining to Jonathan. You may not even have ties with Jonathan, but if Jonathan hasn't given you slack on your debut then you must be doing something right for him. I will destroy everything he cherishes sistematically, and what better way to rustle his jimmies than to kill this new guy's momentum?

    You wanted a fight Ami, but I'm clearly not suited for one tonight. But this is the bone I'm throwing at you. You see, I may be apart from FSW but my contract with IWT doesn't run up till next year, so I'm down for a fight whenever I can. At Night Of Champions Ami, you ACCEPT my CHALLENGE. Alias Antonio vs. Ami Ennemi. What do you say?

    *Alias contemplates Ami's next step*
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  3. Ami slowly lifts the microphone to his lips, lifting his head and shifting his body to face the stage. He glares his eyes onto the competitor, replying to the challenge. "You call me a pet to someone I would never bow to. You come out here, seeking revenge for your own failures, because you could not defeat the man known as Joey Bryant. Set your mind straight, because even a canine can take you down Alias." Ami slowly walks to the ropes, and steps onto the outside of the apron, still on the ring. All while keeping his eyes on Alias. "I have no problem fighting one of the best performers in IWT and FSW. You say you want to... 'rustle' the jimmies of someone who is scared to get in the ring? The irony is that yours are already 'rustled'. You come out here with anger from another match, instead of knowledge, but that is fine. Alias, at Night of Champions, let us engage in combat, and may the best man, bring victory." Ami drops the microphone to the ground, and takes out what seems to look like a marble. He throws it on the ground, and a sudden bright flash covers the entire arena, blinding everybody for a few seconds. As soon as the effects wear off, Ami Ennemi is gone. Not seen by anybody backstage, in the crowd or anywhere.
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  4. The build up was a little "eh" but it payed off. Good stuff and look forward to your success!
  5. *Alias smiles as he vanishes from sight, and directs his attention towards the hard camera*

    It is not anger I hold, it is retribution I seek, and you can misconstrue that all you want, because at the end of the day my supposed anger will lead to Ami's demise, Jonathan's demise.....and ultimately.......Joey Bryant's demise....

    The path begins.

    *Alias drops the mic and leans over the ropes, crowd still confused over Ami's arrival. Alias exits the ring and heads backstage*
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