The Final Faceoff

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  1. *Jack Lux comes out to a chorus of cheers, he has a microphone in hand and walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring.*

    Jack Lux: I came out here to have so I can have what in wrestling is called the final showdown before a match. Obviously it's with Braeden Cross, and for those of you that don't know who Braeden Cross is. This man is a no good son of a bitch. He was once one of my biggest fans, Wherever I went... he followed me. However now the guy hates my guts, this apparently is because I made a joke about about him which he didn't like, then he got taken out of a tag team match where I would have been his partner, because I had picked, but unfortunately one of the guys no-showed and the match was changed to a one on one. Little Braeden didn't like that either. Let's flash to now, I issue an open challenge which Braeden Cross accepted and he slapped me. The next time we faced off, Braeden told the first story I mentioned. Of course me being me, I quickly disproved it. That's how this all started.

    *Lux takes a moment to chuckle before talking again*

    Jack Lux: Let's forget about all that. Let's forget about the beatings that I gave to you and vice versa. So come on out here Braeden. We can have a nice peaceful talk about our match. No fighting, just talking, so come on out buddy.

    *Lux waits for Braeden Cross come out*


  2. "GTFO" by Makeshift plays as the crowd lets out an enormous chorus of boos.
    Two men in suits come out instead of Braeden Cross.
    The crowd is booing and wondering what's going on.
    The two men enter the ring and grab a microphone each.

    Man #1: Mr. Lux, my name is Cyril Leonard and I represent your opponent for May 9th at Survival, Braeden Cross. And this man right next to me is Dr. Ryan Simmons. We are here to inform you and the IWT crowd, that your match at Survival will have to be postponed due to an injury caused by your callous sneak attack, leaving my client with a severe concussion. Doctor?
    Doctor Simmons: Braeden Cross suffered all the telltale signs of a concussion, from nausea and vomiting to a loss of consciousness following you giving him a wrestling maneuver onto concrete. And as Braeden Cross's doctor, I'm afraid I can't in any good conscious allow my patient to compete in a match as barbaric as an "I Quit" match against someone with a reputation for violence and dangerous to work with in the ring, that's you.
    The crowd boos and chants "this is bullshit" at Simmons and Leonard.
    Cyril Leonard: Bullshit as it may be, this man is a medical professional and his medical opinions MUST be respected. Now, Mr. Lux, I'm sure you're wondering what is in the briefcase in my hand. I was asked personally by Mr. Cross to serve you with a subpoena for malicious assault charges.
    Cyril hands a bunch of papers to Jack Lux and waits for Lux's response
  3. *Lux has a look of absolute disbelief and anger. He slowly walk towards the men.*

    Jack Lux: What!? You motherfuckers are telling me that Braeden fucking Cross after all that shit he said and did that he's going to pussy out of the match! There is no way that a concussion can keep that man down, not only that, I've seen him deathmatches in Japan and he has been through much worse that a Bad Lux on concrete. So I want you to tell you fucking client that he better be there for our match. As for the Subpoena, I want you to take that piece of paper that it's on, crumple it up and shove down your throat and while your at it sit briefcase up Dr. 90210's ass.

    *Lux suddenly superkicks Dr. Simmons. Then Lux turns to Cyril Leonard, who has pissed himself in shock. Leonard tries to run away however Lux grabs him by his tie, and knocks him on his ass. Lux begins to interrogate Leonard.

    Jack Lux: Where is he!?

    Cyril Leonard: *scared* At home.

    Jack Lux: Don't be a smart ass, now answer my fucking question!

    Cyril Leonard: *whispers* Look behind you. *laughs*

    *Lux looks behind him.*
  4. Lux turns around into a big boot from Braeden Cross.
    Cross walks out of the ring and picks up a steel chair.
    Cross walks back into the ring, cracks a staggering Jack Lux in the face with the steel chair which busts Lux open.
    Cross then throws the chair onto the mat and hits Lux with the Bad Lux onto the chair.
    Cross picks up the microphone.

    Braeden Cross: See you at Survival, motherfucker!
    Cross pulls his doctor and lawyer out of the ring and runs to the back with them.
    Cross runs into the locker room and locks his door.

    Braeden Cross: Okay boys, that was fucking fantastic, we've really sent a message to that hack!
    Cross turns to the camera
    Braeden Cross: Hope you liked that little teaser for Sunday night! The scene is set! The lights are on, and holy fuck they are bright! The cameras will be rolling on May 9th and you can bet your ass the crowd is hyped! You know Jack, as you lay there, in the ring, a bloody mess again, I hope you realise that will be the scene again on your birthday, except the amount of blood you'll shed will be ten times worse, I've made a decision about Survival. I've decided that despite what I've said in the past, I'm not going to be responsible for ending your life.
    I'm going to be the man responsible for you being put in a hospital, attached to breathing equipment and life support and you'll be CLINGING to the painful misery that you call a life. As I said in the ring, I'll see you at Survival, motherfucker. Let's go boys.

    Cross, Simmons and Dr. Leonard leave the locker room through the back door and leave the arena in a limousine.