Storyline The Final Member of Team D-Generation X

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  1. Dat Kid comes to the Survivor Series arena, driving the DX express. Camera crew run away as he blares the horn of the bus. Kid comes out of the bus with a t-shirt cannon and starts firing some shirts into the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He rolls into the ring.

    As we approach the 1 year mark in IWT, I find myself on the edge of the company I helped build. Tonight could be my very last night here in the IWT...AND I JUST GOT BACK! If that does happen tonight, where Team D-Generation X loses and Danny & myself are fired, I want to thank the IWT fans for supporting our careers.

    Dat Kid snickers, then bursts out laughing

    Losing ahahahaha! psh, have you seen who were facing?! There's no way in hell D-Generation X can lose tonight. I mean 5 on 5, with the entire D-Generation X, are you kidding me? I mean we got the wood, we got Trip & dick, we got the kid of kids, & we've got...

    Dat Kid counts on his fingers.

    Holy shit! We've only got four!

    Dat Kid paces back and forth the ring quickly.

    Dammit I can't believe I forgot to get a 5th member in time for Survivor Series. Woe is me! @Rhod
  2. *A fan holds up a mile long sign that runs around the arena. It states "I don't know how I feel about this. Right now, I am leaning towards Team Jono. No, Team DX. Not anymore, back on Team Jono side. Anyways, I came here to tell Dat kid that I have deep feelings for him. I think about him every night. I wish to marry him in New Jersey with Bruce Springsteen being the priest. Will you marry me? P.S Fuck Jonathan:otunga:" The fan is jumping up and down, it's Tyrone Martin.
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  3. [​IMG]

    *Crowd goes nuts*

    *Rodrigo comes out with a DX T shirt*
    Oh ya didnt know? The kid is back in town but he isnt alone. I think.....I think I know the answer to this, but I'm still gonna ask it...Are You Ready?! *Crowd cheers* NO!!! I SAID, ARE....YOU...READY?!!!!!!! *Crowd cheers even louader* Then for the thousands in attendance, for the millions watching at home...and just because we're back baby....LLLLLLETS'S GET READY TO SUCK IT!!!!!

    See you at SS. Suck it!
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  4. OOC: Man, one IWT character name change and I got everyone screwed up. Me Trip have character named Dick Tripin now. :dawg:
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