The Final Z True Long Island Story!

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  1. #Burial Complete :vince:
  2. Think this was a bad move to end this eries since it was one of the only things keeping Ryder afloat. I expect him to get fired within the year now. The show wasn't bad in the beginning, actually entertained me.
  3. So True
  4. Seriously? 100 episodes? That's how far he got?

    I'd rather watch cat videos.
  5. Poor Ryder. LMAO
  6. Well... With this being over, I can't see his career in WWE getting any better.
    Its a shame he has such a crap gimmick. He's a good wrestler.

    Maybe they will turn him heel... I would love to see that!
  7. Just watched it. After viewing the clip show at the beginning I suddenly realized how little of the show I actually bothered to watch. I barely recognized anything. I just thought the periods I didn't watch were shorter than the ones I did. Though in truth, I never really thought the show was that good, at best worth a chuckle per episode, and I'm not sad that it's over in the slightest. The best parts of these were always Ask The Heel, and some of Curt Hawkins antics too (though he appeared way too infrequently from what I've seen). Finally, my favorite episode was probably the behind the scenes one, sixty-nine I think. It's probably the only one that got more than three chuckles out of me.

    As for the quality of this episode, kind of sucked. I'm not a fan of clip show [finales], unless there is an interesting frame for it and this didn't even bother to do that. The walking scene was nice I suppose though, enjoyed Eve's part in that and several others, but since I never had a strong attachment with the series it failed to resonate with me. Also, Chiappetta or whatever his name is, is still as annoying as I remember him to be. Oh, and Ask The Heel was good as normal.

    Finally, since I'm hearing that releases are coming, and with the tone this gave, Ryder getting released within these rather than a few months/year from now wouldn't surprise me at all. Shame too, still amazes me how badly WWE killed Ryder's momentum.
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  9. We can only hope. :woo: :woo: