Storyline The finale.

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    Aids is seen on the titantron, walking his way towards the entrance of the arena used for the eveninig. The music continues to play, as he shakes hands with the staff, heading his way towards the ring. The music continues to play throughout the video, as Aids walks out to his theme, posing before running down slow motion into the ring. His voice is not heard, but Aids is clearly calling out DK James and Forrest for the IWT title at WM.

    He goes to the corner of the ring, holding a fake title up, jeering as the fans jump up out of their seats, before he gestures with the mic a message, before smirking and doing his best impression of Muhammad Ali, before going to his knees, pointing at the WM2 banner, held up towards the most crowded section of fans.

    Aids then stands up, pointing towards the fans, before backing out of the ring and back stepping towards the entrance for IWT stars.
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  2. Commentator #1: "What the hell! 3 times during this show!"

    "Joey Bryant, is a goooood man! Bruce Knight is a gooooooood man! a baaaaad man!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    Aids, i love you but you drink! and....drinking is icky! it makes me oh so sicky and it makes my rainbow blood boil! But Aids come join my gated house party and i got a special JOEY BRYANT CUPCAKE AND BRUCE KNIGHT PENCIL FOR YOU! Come on Aids and after you're done eating we can play battleship, but instead of sinking ships, every time we hit each other. We say a prayer!!!

    *Crowd Boo's*
  3. *Aids looks towards Roadster. He holds his head down before announcing his match vs Roadster. No words are said between the two.
  4. OOC: My name is The Artist not Roadster, and what match?
  5. Me burying you, son.
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  6. as soon as someone makes it. You want a match vs me, you've got it.
  7. I'm going down the drain, like usual. I guess since i'm not Brian anymore i'm technically not getting double booked so i guess.
  8. You can cut a promo backing out of it.

    I dont need to beat you @Majour or @F.R.I.E do work.
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  9. Nah, maybe a miracle can be pulled and i can win by 1 vote.
  10. vs me? You couldnt get within 10 votes. majour or Frie will teach you the lesson.
  11. Well maybe a miracle can be pulled and i can get within the 10 votes.
  12. not likely, since youll be facing my protoge.
  13. Not going to happen sweetness. The shovels are out and ready for you!
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  14. What? I wanna face you :please:
  15. Well, you're certainly brave. I'll give you that much.
  16. Goddammit, lets have the match then.