Storyline The Following Announcement Is Paid For By The BWO

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  1. {The bWo make their way to the ring}

    Gimmie a fuckin' mic

    {Muuuftah grabs a mic}

    Do you know who I am? I am THE BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY and this is the Bready World Order...

    We're a rare breed of man, not only do we leave the women drippin' from head to toe but we're REAL MEN. Real men who are sick and tired of the pussies that run this world. We're real men who are sick of people who think they know what's "Best For Business". The fact is the bWo own this fuckin' business.

    We've been places and we've conquered all of those place to such an extent the owners have shut those places down because they couldn't handle the B W FUCKIN' O

    {Muuuftah passes the mic to JONES before getting on the top rope and flexing his muscles}
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  2. (JONES takes the mic from Muuuftah, and takes the centre of the ring.)

    Surprised to see me? Now I know a lot of you here don't have the slightest clue to who the fuck I am, so I'll tell you who the fuck I am. I am THE JONES, the NEW Franchise of IWT.

    Now see, the bWo has been every where on their travels, and we shut the place down every single time. We've been vilified and hated since day one, because we don't follow rules, we don't listen to authorities, we are Bready. Just like Muuuftah said, we are REAL MEN. We are TIRED of the FUCKBOYS and the PUSSIES. We aim to bring a new age and show everyone exactly what it takes to be a real man, to be bready. We plan to knock down the foundations of IWT and build it back up in the name of B...W...O!

    (JONES steps back and hand the microphone to Danny Jacobs before leaning on the ropes with his arms behind his head.)
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    Danny Jacobs grabs the mic, and listens to the crowd booing the bWo. He laughs for a little bit, and begins to speak.

    And last but not least, we have the god himself, Danny Jacobs. The promo king, as people like to call me. Are you people surprised to see me here? You shouldn't be, because really, it was just a matter of time since we got here to prove our superiority. I'm happy to debut here, I'm happy to finally be here in IWT and that's because this is the only place where the bWo hasn't dominated. You see, we're the greatest faction that wrestling has ever seen. IWT is just another stepping stone for us, just as the entire roster is just a stepping stone for us. We destroy the hopes and dreams of people on the roster, people that join here, hoping to achieve that little bit of success and maybe win a title. But the fact is that, whilst all of you might have the fighting spirit, one thing that you don't have is the physical greatness that we have. You simply can't compare a Lamborghini with a Fiat.‏

    (Danny Jacobs is laughing whilst the crowd is booing. Indy suddenly lets go of the mic, and screams ''WE ARE THIS FUCKING E-FED'' whilst standing on the middle rope. He jumps off the ropes, and gets the mic back from Jones to continue)‏

    We aren't people to fuck around with. We are our own brand, our own bosses, and we do whatever the fuck we want. So, I'd just like to take this time to warn the entire roster that we're coming for one reason only and that is to make this place ours. It's not just a threat, but it's a promise as well. We will own this place. Beware of the b....W....o!‏

    (Danny Jacobs throws up the ''2 Sweet'' sign, and hands the mic back to Muuuftah.)
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  4. World, look into our eyes cause you're going to know our name... We are the B-W-O and we aren't here to make friends.

    Stay classy, stay bready.​
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  5. Michael is sitting backstage.

    Michael: Oh great another nWo rip off. I haven't seen that before.

    (OOC: Good stuff guys. Nice job on the debut)
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  6. Taz: What are the bWo doing in the IWT Zone?!?
  7. *Alias watches on from backstage*

    I know these guys from somewhere...
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  8. Wait...This isn't the blue world order...

    I want my money back!
  9. *Kid desperately waits backstage with FSW contracts* :jeritroll:
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  10. Thread cleaned.
  11. OOC: Very cool, guys! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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  12. Thanks for the feedback, guys! It truly warms my heart :')
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  13. ^This.

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
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  14. Same as these lads.
  15. 3 new guys. Awesome. Sounds great so far.

    Why do I recognize Indy's avatar pic? Skype maybe?
  16. I used it on Skype for a while so maybe that's why
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  17. It's possible that you recognize it from my Twitter account, but I highly doubt it.
  18. Nah, I think THG had it right.
  19. fuckin gay m8
  20. Alkatrz is watching backstage, when he gets a sudden feeling of deja vu.

    "B-r-e-a-d-y world order?..."
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