Storyline The Fountain Of Youth

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  1. The feed cuts into Chris Kaizer sitting in his locker room, he is sporting his brand new Yeezys.

    Ya know, I thought Samurais were a thing of the past, but apparently Chris Young likes to run around acting like one. With his katana and all. Naming it some Japanese bullshit that I'm too lazy to go and put into google translate to find out what it means. I've been to Japan before, and knowing Japanese culture, it's probably about a girl with a penis or something. I digress, though.

    I haven't made many comments on Chris Young since he accepted my offer for a match at Anarchy. And the truth is, there isn't a lot to be said that already hasn't been spoken. Young is cocky and over his head, and I did a good deed by giving him a match at Anarchy. That's it, that's why we are fighting.

    It's Young vs Kaizer, battle of Young vs Old. I mean, I'm not ancient like some people on the card. But Chris wants to walk around and claim he is the best thing around. He wants to prove that. I've given him his chance to do so, I've given him a chance against Chris Kaizer. A former World Champ, a former European Champ, what better way to show you are as good as you say?

    Well, maybe besides facing a current champion.....Kaizer stares out of an imaginary window and gets a sorrowful look on his face, before shaking his head and turning his focus back on Young

    I wish I had more to say, I really do. But what can you say about a man who is more worried about having more children with his sister than winning matches in IWT?

    My advice? Keep yourself locked up in that warehouse, maybe start up a family business there. Make foam swords or something, whatever your interest is. Because wrestling isn't for you, buddy.

    I don't have a catchphrase anymore, do I? Kaizer looks down at the ground with a sad face, as the camera fades out he raises his head and signal the camera to come back

    I got it!

    Kaizer's woke...

    The camera feed then begins to cut has Kaizer has a disappointed look on his face and shakes his head
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