Storyline The Funeral of D'Z

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  1. A black hearse enters into the arena as the music plays. A smiling picture of D'Z is shown on the titantron. A giant banner hangs over the ring reading:
    R.I.P. Dolph'sZiggler
    December 2013-February 2014

    As the second song plays, a video montage is shown comprised of pictures and videos of Ziggler's life and career. The ring announcer steps in and prepares to say a few words in honor of D'Z. Before he gets a chance, we see the driver's door of the hearse open and a booming voice is heard over the PA system.
    "Wwwwaaaaiiiiittt a minute sir. I have been ordered here to do the ring announcing for this event."
    The driver steps out and is revealed to be legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer.
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    Buffer enters the ring as the montage continues. A single teardrop forms in the corner of his eye, but he wipes it away and does his job like a professional.
    "We are gathered here tonight, in the IWT Arena! With a heavy heart, I present to you the MAAAAAAIIIIIN EVENTT OF THE EVENING!
    Ladies and gentleman without further ado. LLLLLLLLLLLLeeeet's get rrrready to mouuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrn!!!!!!
    • He was an astounding zero time IWT champion.
    • A zero time IWT Intercontinental Champion.
    • A zero time Tag Team champion.
    • He amassed an amazing 1 vote in the IWT Championship Elimination Chamber match.
    • He compiled an incomparable IWT record of 1 win. 1 loss. and no draws.
    • He is a 1 time PWGP World Heavyweight Championship Tournament first runner up.
    • A 3 time Indy Vanilla Midget of the year Award Winner.
    • Lying in his coffin at 5'11 and 3/4 inches
    • Weighing in at 165 pounds.
    • Representing the Bayyyyy Areaaaa
    He isss

    As Buffer's voice trails off, the lights in the arena go out. Yet another song plays, and the crowd begins to wonder just how much the IWT must be spending for all of the rights to this music. They grow restless and chant "Joey Bryant!"
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    A burst of pyro goes off as the backdoor to the hearse is kicked open and D'Z bursts through. Confetti comes down and a banner drops over the R.I.P. banner that reads:
    Guess Who's Back?
    One member of the crowd shouts "Guess who's back? Hey dipshit, the Elimination Chamber match was last night!" Ziggler smiles and points at the fan saying "he's not wrong...". The fan spits in his face and screams "Go back to California you goddamn fruit cake!" Ziggler wipes the loogie from his face and says "I probably deserved that." He makes his way to the ring and thanks Michael Buffer for all he has done. Buffer then gets into the hearse and exits the arena. The crowd is mostly apathetic with a few sparse boos.

    I stand before you.... a humbled man. You can't live a more horrifying experience than waking up one morning and realizing that you have become the Dave Bautista of the IWT, and for me that morning came today.
    The crowd chants "Boring" as many head to the nacho stand.
    To put it simply: I came into the IWT as an egomaniac with no work ethic. I felt I was above putting in the work that the rest of the competitors in the back put in and thought I deserved to be booked like a main eventer despite all of that. Fortunately for me, there were some people who pull the strings who actually felt the same way.
    As a debuting competitor, I was booked to face the biggest legend in the company, the three time and at the time current IWT champion Aids Johnson. When I was boo'd out of the ring in my debut match like a jabroni, soundly defeated by a great talent, I ignored all criticism and advice and continued to live in oblivion. I want to apologize for that, because the fact is I had no business being placed in such a high profile match upon entering the company, and looking back my performances were simply not up to snuff for a "main eventer".
    Still blinded by my own arrogance, I demanded to be placed into the IWT Championship match at the Elimination Chamber, and foolishly the people in the back caved to my childish tantrum and booked me in a squash match with Kid, who was in on the entire scheme. Not only did I prevent a legitimate competitor from competing in the IWT Championship match, but I went on to make a complete ass of myself in said match.
    Being a massive piece of shit, I felt no need to prepare for that match. I had 'earned' my spot, I was off to reap the benefits of suddenly being treated like an IWT star. While a hard working son of a bitch like Farooq busted his ass to hype the match and sell tickets, I was in Tijuana with Danielson watching conjoined twins blow-rape an unwilling participant of a donkey. Believe me, it was awesome, but it wasn't improving my chances of capitalizing on the golden opportunity that had been handed to be on a silver platter.

    A few people in the crowd have literally fallen asleep by this point as Ziggler's monologue reaches critical mass.
    By the time I actually came down to the Chamber for the match, I finally realized how far in over my head I was. As Farooq's words echoed through my head on the way to the ring, I realized I simply wasn't prepared for what I had gotten myself into. Do I think a properly prepared D'Z could do damage in a similar situation? You bet your ass. But D'Z coming off a 2 week bender in Mexico was destined to do nothing but look like a clown. And that's exactly what happened. I took the coward's way out of the match and tried to pull a ridiculous stunt, but I realize now what a feeble attempt that actually was, and it showed in the results.
    The crowd chants "Joey Bryant!"
    But you see, there is a silver lining to every tragedy, and the good news is that while I was completely shitting the bed in my first ever pay per view main event last night, I came to the realization of what needs to happen. I.. need to be... less of a faggot. I need to be a helluva lot less Hulk Hogan and a helluva lot more Y2J. It doesn't matter what your name is in IWT (sorry again, Dazzler) it matters what you do when you step in between these ropes. And quite frankly, every time I've stepped into an IWT ring to compete I've absolutely sucked!
    Crowd chants: "You suck! You suck!"
    No longer am I going to cut corners in the IWT. I am going to put this unbelievable talent that I have to good use and do things the right way.
    Crowd: "You can't wrestle!"
    No longer will I play the political bullshit to further myself and hold others back. This company is filled with talent that is ready to break out. Just look at the mid card champions for god's sake. Sir Lee or Alias could be WORLD champions for most companies, and they are running around the mid card in the IWT. The fact that I used to turn my nose at the thought of wrestling in the mid card makes me sick in hindsight.
    Crowd: "Booooooooooooooooooooooo!"
    Yea, get it out of your system. You can boo me for now, I can't deny that I deserve it. But I don't need to take advantage of the system to become the best.. I'm here now to legitimize D'Z. That's why this funeral was held. I'm burying the old D'Z and all of the cowardice tactics. After I've legitimize myself, I'm going to legitimize my standing within the company. I will earn my place. I don't know what the immediate future will hold, but I do know the end game will be my return to the main event scene, once I've prepared and earned it properly this time around. You can boo me, you can ass lick me, you can love it or learn to love it. Nothing is going to prevent me from fulfilling my potential at this point.
    D'Z leaves the ring, as the few fans who were able to stay awake throughout his entire promo are now actually chanting "Ziggler! Ziggler!" All 12 of them.
    as he heads up the ramp, D'Z mutters to himself "fucking marks"

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  2. As the wrestlers backstage come out, Aids stumbles out wasted off his ass, yelling out incoherent words - before puking all over Jonathan. Aids looks at Jonathan, shrugging, as the other stars laugh, before he yells out "Why D'Z!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" pissing himself as he cowers over the loss of a man he once called his brother.

    Here is the video from it.
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  3. Kousaki: O hey that no one is dead, what shocking news.
  4. OOC - Did anyone read that spoiler at teh end? Or am I the only one that actually read it?
  5. OOC - That final promo was amazing. I loved it lol
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  6. sort of an important part of the promo. didn't realize people weren't opening it. woops

    just wanted to make sure people read through and saw that after the first stuff and didn't just see it right away
  7. lol, I was really confused at everyone's replies at first. I was thinking of ways to bring you back while reading the first part like my character digging you up and doing some frankenstein shit to bring you back to life. It ended. I cried at the funeral... opened up the spoiler expecting a funny picture and got this awesome promo. Caught me off guard. I read it all to make sure that you didn't kill yourself in it or anything
  8. That's cool you really thought it was a funeral then. I expected most people assumed I was kayfabing my death
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  9. i assumed it was time off before a return.
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  11. Well, it does say it's a funeral. I was just thinking of ideas to pitch to you.
  12. Kousaki: Oh he's not dead. Goddamnit.
  13. Nicely done. I thought it was going to be in the EC match tbh. You could have titls the spoiler "But wait....." or something and they would probly be more inclined to read it. I did though. Yay for D'Z still being in IWT!
  14. no use in wasting this gold at the ass end of the Joey Bryant show

    might have gotten me 2 votes instead of 1
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  15. now you got 3 :ksi:

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    Or 4 really
  16. hot damn!
  17. Gonna go job to his corpse
  18. check the second spoiler. winky face
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  19. Read the spoiler part. Dolph's one thing you have better than everyone else is fluidity. Your promos flow very well