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Do we keep IWT the same?

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  1. Keep it the same

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  2. change everything

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  3. I have an opinion on this.

  1. Jono and creative are out, but the history of the IWT will stay intact, and i'd like input on how you'd like to see the IWT go in the future. My message will still come out in the next few hours as I decide where to go, but for the present and the future a few things are going to be the same. @CM Punk while he has a shit username will remain your WHC champ, and @Ovalhead will remain your IWT champion. I am willing to do a MITB, alongside or in place of a king of the ring #1 contender weekend during the MITB or shortly after, but I will need help in making threads as i'm working 10-12 hour days during the weekends for the next 4-6 weeks. If we work together well and get IWT back on its feet. we can finally move in the right direction here. I intend on changing a few things in the near future.

    I'll be attempting to get FTJ, Sackfist, and the rest of that crew back, and we will find a way to use categories that work for everyone, 10/10 and random low rankings will be removed to find a median in voting and we will make sure that fairness is promoted, and can work together.

    I know a lot of people are gone like @Tsar and hopefully this major chance will put IWT back in the positive, but until then we need to work together and promote other matches as much as our own.

    Post ideas, input your opinions for creative *just me atm* and what we can all do to help here.
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  2. Glad to help if mod powers are needed
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  3. You not coming back to compete?
  4. I can if needed. I have yet to win a singles belt so that's kind of nagging at me
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  5. I'm in the same boat
  6. Thanks for the username comment. Anyways, I don't mind keeping some stuff the same knowing we got a new creative team.
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  7. Voting is the main issue for me. Both the lack of votes and screwy voting. I've made suggestions about the problem, whether people like them enough to want to trial them, idk.

    Made some suggestions for some different match formats- if people want to hear them and consider it then let me know.
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  8. They weren't too bad
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  9. im not jono, and you'll have to repeat them.
  10. I'm looking forward to this new aids ridden IWT lol. Aids foundation time! :4/10:
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  11. Already looking for my next tag partner
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  12. yo
  13. Ayye, s'go
  14. Holy crap, tag teams even!? Already doing better aids :21-1:
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  15. Holla holla.
  16. I mean....y'know we were kinda good once
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  17. Shadow and CM vs Arab and Trip?
  18. Gotta get this AJ Styles/APC video finished, but I guess I'd be down. I wasn't being that serious originally & idk if Punk was either. I was more-so aiming for that X-Division belt buuut there's no such thing as too many titles.
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  19. im starting with two, merging one and only keeping one undercard belt to start. I want to push matches instead of titles to start.
  20. Order of Night return? You never know.
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