Storyline the gav the chav show starring aiden ryan

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    (Gav the chav)now then cheeky ****s! Welcome to gav the chav today gavs gunna be interviewing 1 of IWT finest up and coming talents aiden ryan an so can you get out here so we can get this started

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  2. The Camera zooms up at the ramp as the base of the music hits.

    Aiden Ryan emerges from the curtain in he's IWT Mania Jersey. With a smile he points two of he's fingers to the Mania logo on he's jersey and shrugs in disbelief that he is in a title picture With a bright smile Aiden runs down the ramp clapping all the fan's hands.

    Giving a wave to Gav, he walks up the steel steps, Looking around the arena, he uses the bottom rope as leverage and leaps over the top rope. Walking over to Gav he shake's he's hand and sits across from him.

    "Wow, Gav. I haven't seen you since the elimination chamber. It's nice to see you again."

    Sitting back in he's chair Aiden rest''s hist feet on the table.

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  3. ( Gav the chav)now then mate welcome to the very first edition to the gav the chav show right then lets get this started are you looking forward to IWTMANIA in 2 weeks time?
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    "I am, Being in the company for such a short while I didn't think that I would even grace a match in mania, let alone being in a match that could possibly change my career for the better. I haven't had the best career, so hearing this news is really great. "
  5. Copycat eh? The Road Stop is untouchable! I'm making my own show right now biotch
    Me and Aids (open)
  6. ( Gav the chav) you are facing alias antonio and Reagan cole in a triple threat match for the X-division belt now gav took his tag team belt from him at survivor series are you good enough to do the same by taking the x division belt from alias?

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  7. Aiden remove's he's feet from the table and hesitates on an answer. Scratching the back of he's head Aiden responds with.

    "It will be hard because there is a road block in the way, I would say I'm confident if it were a one on one but sadly I have to go through another competitor to get that title. What's really nerve wrecking about the whole situation is that I don't have to be pinned to lose, it adds a whole environment to the match. all I can say is that I'm going out there and I will fight until i'm standing over both men with that X Division title."
  8. (Gav the chav) lets talk a little more about this roadblock you mentioned now gavs noticed you've had a little spat between yourselves what's that all about shouldn't you be concentrating on the champ instead of the number one jobber of iwt come on aiden what the fuck you playing at?

  9. "Well This is the thing, I have no idea what Cole problem is with me, Everytime I turn around there's always about me showing respect to my former rival ,Edward Coleman. I knew Cole for a very long time and I never knew he had this vicious anger towards me. Who cares if I show respect to someone, It's not my fault that Edward left IWT when they were teaming. It's not my fault that he's got this new attitude, and I shouldn't be taking the blame for anything. I have no time to be focusing on he said, she said crap. It doesn't matter who I pin to get that title, i will be focused, prepared and ready for this match. "

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  10. ( Gav the chav) now you mention Edward Coleman but gav wants to get to that later but you seem to think your mr nice guy do you really believe being the good guy will get you far? And do you have a darker side we might see at a later date?
  11. "Personally, No. Through my career here in IWT I've learn't that there aren't many friends and everyone is here for a reason, I learn't that the hard way when I tried to help Eduardo in our match, I thought he needed help but no. he was really like that, he wanted to be like that. I would be lying to you if I didn't say that the whole experience has effected me in a good manner, but it hasn't it's actually made me see myself as a horrible person in many ways, I do think if i get pushed any further a dark side will come out. "
  12. (Gav the chav) congrats on your recent victory by the way gav seen your match with eduardo and gav was fairly suprised by your performance now gav heard a lot of positive reports about eduardo from his work in other promotions do you think he will be able to go far in this company?
  13. " Thanks, Gav! For someone so new, he came in with such a impact. I see him as one of the X division toughest competitors and without a doubt he's future is set, With Farooq but he's side, there's no stopping Eduardo and i see him as a future champion. "
  14. (Gav the chav) speaking of new faces there was someone who called you out a few weeks ago dr attitude era or something have you got a message you want to send him?
  15. Aiden Laughs and nods.

    "I don't really understand why all these guys are so determine to mess me up mentally, Okay so we have a substance abuser who want's me to see that everything is beautiful, and with one injection all our problems go away. now we have a made dentist that most likely is putting fear back into every single IWT talent back there. Everything around IWT's X Division has gotten so hectic. I mean I love it, but they all seem to call me out. and you know, my message to him is get in line. There's a line of people calling me out. haha."
  16. (Gav the chav) now earlier you mentioned Edward Coleman who as we all know has left IWT for being well absolute shite why the fuck do you care about him so much leaving?
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    "We both came in at the same time and he was the first person who I fought in the IWT community. He really launched my career as he was my first win and for that I will always respect him. I am upset that he is gone and that we couldn't have one last match to finish what had started, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. "

    Aiden Shrugs.
    "I guess that's just, Mr Nice guy talking but I feel as if we should all respect the ones who launched us."

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  19. *Suddenly Reagan Cole Jumps over the Barricade with Baseball bat and Sides inside the ring and hits Aiden with the bat from behind*
    Reagan: you wanna Defend your friend huh?
    *Reagan drops the Bat and picks up the Chair Ryan was sitting on and throws it at Aiden*
    Reagan: You are Pathetic!
    *Reagan Hits Aiden in the Back with the Bat a couple of times*
    Reagan: Get up!
    *Aiden gets to his knees and starts to punch Reagan in the Gut a couple of times and Reagan stumbles then he picks up the Bat and swings it at Aiden's torso and Aiden falls to his knees*
    Reagan: Edward isn't here to Defend you now!
    *Reagan gets Aiden up and throws him into the Corner and Aiden is Groggy so Reagan hits a Superkick on Aiden who falls on His Back so Reagan takes the Chair and goes up the TurnBuckle and Performs a Elbow drop with the Chair onto Aiden!*
    Reagan: How do you like me now?
    *The Crowd Boos as Reagan looks at the Camera*
    *Reagan does the Title taunt before he rolls out of the ring*
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