The Generation calls for a press conference!

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  1. Ladies, gentlemen and people of undistinguishable sex. We, the amazing duo called the Generation ( Eric Draven and Alkaline) have called you all here to this press conference to deliver some words of wisdom.

    You see, me and the mac daddy of coolness known as Draven took a bit of a break from the IWT for various reasons but have now returned as a unit. We’re brothers, best friends even and we are looking to bring some new life into this league. And we have already started. We sent the living venereal decease packing; Senhor can thank us for that later. And we are now setting our sites on the tag team titles, those two shining belts that are being held by Danielson and whatever the eye candy on his arm is called.

    We’ve exchanged words with the duo and frankly we are confident in us walking away with the belts. Not only are we the better wrestlers, but we’re also smarter, more handsome and downright better people. Danny boy can spout off as many redneck war cries to try and scare us of as possible but it just won’t matter, because when the seductive Swede and the Dravester come knocking then you better just lay down and accept defeat. And with our match at Extreme Rules we want to make a statement. We want to prove that without a shadow of a doubt we are the better team. Because neither Draven nor I have ever been defeated in a match in the IWT. I have drawn with Christian and Draven forfeited his belt when he was WWE champion.

    Now here we are, on the verge of Extreme Rules with a title match coming up, but what type of match? We have a suggestion. How about taking this to Danielson’s hometown of Hog Pen and doing a Pigpen street fight! We’ll hit him with so many banjoes over the head that he’ll think country music is relevant again! Then we’ll take those tin belts that they call tag team titles and make them a pair of Campeonatos de Parejas that you can be proud of.

    *Draven lowers a bag on the table and takes out two tag team titles and places them on the table.*

    Your future tag team champions have spoken and you may now kiss our feet suckers.

    We will now take questions for a couple of hours Britanica and anybody else who wants to ask us some questions.
  2. Is it true you once wrestled a panda?
  3. I did. That's why they are both black and white. The bruises just won't go away. I am no longer allowed near the world wildlife fund's headquarters.
  4. Excuse me sir! Excuse me sir I have a question!
  5. Yes you fine young gentleman you may ask your question unless it's asking for a picture or autograph that will be done after.
  6. My thanks for what?
  7. For helping make sure that you don't have to wrestle for a tainted title at Extreme Rules of course.
  8. OOHHHHHHH! Thanks MrSackfist
  9. Oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! He's actually speaking to me, I just jizzed! Ahhhh calm down...phew! Okay I think I've composed myself. I j-just have one q-q-question. I'm shaking look, hahahahaha! Anyway my question is this...ahem...who in the hell are you two :haha:
  10. Your favourite tag team, next question?
  11. Yess I have another one. Why did you call for a press conference when aribourne's jock strap is more over than the both of you
  12. No one doubts the overness of Airbourne's jockstrap since it is damn near god like. We have no problem being number 2 and 3 over the rest of you chumps.

    Next question?
  13. Airbourne's Jockstrap is the Rey Mysterio of this world, over due to it's below average stature.
  14. Wow you guys are so awesome. What was your favorite reign as tag team cha- oh..sorry
  15. Well that would be that time when we held the intergalactic tag team championships for about 3 thousand years. But you probably didn't catch that on human internet or TV.
  16. So have you been hanging with Scott Hall in the last couple of hours?
  17. Absolutely, we do yoga with him regularly. Helps stop backstrains from all this carrying of forums we do.
  18. We are very proud for Scott's work to get sober and back in shape and we support him in any way possible. What, you think we're heartless?
  19. Good times with Scott, once whilst defending our Intergalactic Tag Team titles against Samuel L Jackson and Phil Brooke's little sister Chaelene he came on to the commentary booth and began **** with his ***** whilst kissing ***** ****** holding a fire hose.

    Sorry to the censor guy.