Storyline The Generic Freak Fisherman Fred

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by fishermanfred, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. I am the generic freak fisherman fred

    I hate lazy iwt fans who pay to watch iwt infact i think this entire crowd is full of idiots. Im better than you. im the best person to ever live . When i hit you with a punch and a bodyslam your gonna pay.I hate faces and nice people. i want to win by any means necersary. I hate America and freedom
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  2. Sure is good to be a Dr GIF Fisherman Fred.
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  3. What has happened to punctuation? Is it dead? Come on, it isn't that hard to use capital letters when they're needed and all those things! Will be easier to understand you guys, seriously.
  4. I'd rather be a Nero.
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  5. x3?
  6. The one and only.
  7. so youve heard of the 3 faces of fred
  8. Ben Dover: Hmmmmm, this guy would be great in the Cure, me, Antonio and Jwab need this dench lad!
  9. Ey, you forgetting about thebaker too?