Storyline The Genocide of Championships Continues

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  1. Dat Kid kicks open the door to the women's locker room with sledgehammer in hand. A referee lingering behind him.

    Victoria @CrayJ Lee !

    Kid sees Victoria Parker in the locker room.

    When I heard you won the hardcore title you would not believe the joy that it brought to my face because now I get the opportunity to do to you what I did to Bryant and Antonio. However, because I love my fiancee so much, I'm going to invoke the 24/7 rule of that hardcore title, beat your ass in this locker room, and burn that thing people that are stupid enough to call a title.
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  2. I'm so bamboozled
  3. OOC: Psssst, the rules aren't the same for the new 'hardcore' title. She can refuse you if she wants, but it's up to you @CrayJ Lee
  4. she called me out on skype, she disrespect my swag, im comin for dat ass
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  5. um...Dat Kid is challenging Victoria Parker? #Classic
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  6. Shadow's usertitle is Titty Master, that's awesome.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Christ I liked that and then add the ADR wink kissy face sig? You're the king of the world in my book Cherry Pie.
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