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    *The camera opens on Trip in the Head sitting behind his desk in his office. The lights are off save a lone lamp on his desk and smoke is rising from a partly smoked cigar as he leans back in his chair, hands grasped together with his elbows on the armrests of his office chair. His face barely visible in the low light, he begins to speak*

    TRIP: My fellow members of the only REAL e-fed around here, I-W-T. Much transpired by the end of our last PPV - SummerSlam. Both MITB contract holders lost their respective matches. B. Dazzle paid the ultimate price for his arrogance and lost his MITB briefcase to his ex-tag partner Gav the Chav. While Nick lost his precious X-Div title to Jwab with only one defense left to meet the cash in requirements. We crowned a new European champion in MIdas and our Hardcore champion remained on top of her game and held on to her new found championship. And then, well - this happened.....​

    *The feed cuts to a montage of the different highlight-able events that made up the main event of SummerSlam. Pieces of the match between Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio. Dat Kid sliding in and making the count in his assless chaps only to have Jonathon come down and reverse the decision. Dat Kid storming out and providing some kids with the youTube video of a lifetime. And Joey Bryant standing victorious once again. Both the IWT and WHC belts in his grasp and held high, fake as they may have been. All followed by one last shot of @Dat Kid leaving the locker room in the back and a few other familiar faces following him.*

    *When the feed returns to Trip he is now standing in front of his desk with the cigar in his hand*

    TRIP: I have been betrayed yet again. What was known as my property in the IWT has vanished and he has taken some valuable IWT property with him. My lawyers tell me it is best not to even mention the name of any other e-feds on camera, but I will say this........​

    *Suddenly there is a knock at the door, which opens right after*

    Delivery Man: Special delivery for one Trip in the Head?

    TRIP: Thats me.

    *Trip signs a paper attached to a clipboard and the delivery man ducks out the door for a second and returns with a large golden belt with the words 'PWGP Tag Team Champions' on it*

    TRIP: Oh, uh, thanks.

    *The delivery man leaves and Trip smiles as he holds the belt high and admires it. He then realizes the camera is still on and recording him as he looks back and forth quickly a few times before smiling :jeritroll: and throwing the belt back behind his desk where it is no longer visible*

    TRIP: Anyway, I will say that IWT is not afraid of anybody and their Fucking. Shitty. Wrestling. Take your broken career, you runaway. Try to rebuild with the scraps you have escaped with. Maybe one day you'll be an ounce of the real competitor you were before.

    And to the rest of the IWT roster - Our lawyers do not want us to mention these other feds on air. They just want to leech off our success. So keep their names out of your mouths or their will be undesired consequences in the form of legal documents. They do not exist as far as any of you are concerned.

    *Trip takes a puff off the cigar*

    TRIP: Oh and Joey (@DK James ) your REAL belts are waiting for you when you want to come get them.

    *The feed cuts out*

    OOC: DK, just use whatever belts you want I suppose. The ones from before are fine or pick others if you like.
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