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    Even as far back as the day he debuted for Ring of Honor, "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin had one goal: to become ROH World Champion. Whether it was under the management of Truth Martini or striking out on his own, Elgin was focused with unwavering dedication. His quest for gold eventually sent him in pursuit of Adam Cole. The chase saw Cole take on a darker, harder edge provoked by Elgin's seemingly undeniable destiny to become champion. Both men were changed irrevocably, but only one could emerge with the title. And, finally, at BEST IN THE WORLD 2014, Michael Elgin finally became Ring of Honor World Champion.

    With gold around his waist, the always ambitious Elgin stepped up even more. He issued an open challenge, swearing to defend against any former champion. Indeed, it seemed Michael Elgin was willing to put up his championship against virtually anyone who challenged him, and it was all part of his promise to be known as the greatest ROH World Champion of all time. In his quest to build an unquestionable legacy, Elgin made it his personal mission to become the most honorable champion in history...and to amass the most title defenses. Perhaps it was when Elgin embarked on this fanatical obsession with his own legacy that his mindset started to transform into something more paranoid than it had ever been before.

    Michael Elgin saw the future stretching out before him, successful title defenses piling up higher and higher. And somewhere in this focus on the future, Elgin failed to see the threat standing right in front of him: former ROH Champion, the self proclaimed "real" Champion, Jay Briscoe. Briscoe, by his own estimation, never actually lost the title now held by Michael Elgin. Briscoe had been stripped of the ROH World Championship due to injury, and the tournament that would eventually crown Adam Cole was held to fill that empty space.

    And so on September 6, 2014, Michael Elgin entered the historic Maple Leaf Gardens in downtown Toronto as ROH World Champion...but it was Jay Briscoe who would walk out with the gold. In the three seconds it took the referee to count the pin fall, Elgin's entire life changed. His destiny had been rewritten. The future he counted on would not come to pass. While anyone would be absolutely devastated, Michael Elgin's reaction was one of anger and betrayal.

    Elgin has since blamed Ring of Honor for his downfall, claiming that "they" let him down. He would interrupt matches and antagonize other athletes. As part of his effort to climb the ranks of ROH once more, he alienated everyone who had supported him in the past, even his former protégé, Hanson. Eventually, Elgin and Hanson's brutal, uncontrollable battles at ringside resulted in their addition to the "All In" World Championship match at the 13th ANNIVERSARY in Las Vegas. To his horror, Elgin was forced to stand by and watch as Jay Briscoe retained his championship amongst the chaos of this out-of-control melee in Vegas.

    But the most significant moment for Michael Elgin occurred before the wild conclusion of this match, when Elgin tried to brutalize his opponents with a steel chair. Head Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness stepped into to put a stop to Elgin...who then put his hands on McGuinness himself! As a result of this blatant insubordination, and despite his overall winning record, Michael Elgin was pulled out of title contention for the foreseeable future. As he saw it, this latest blow was merely further evidence of the world plotting against "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin.

    Elgin's goals, which were once focused squarely and honorably on the ROH World Championship, have twisted into something much darker and more personal. While it remains clear that his primary aim is championship goal, Elgin has amassed a his own "hit list" of victims he feels he needs to destroy before he can reclaim his title. So far, we've seen his ire turn to WAR MACHINE, the monster tag team comprised of Hanson and the returning Ray Rowe. War Machine was once squarely in Camp Elgin, endorsed by him when he was Champion as the future of professional wrestling and the next big stars of ROH. Now he is bound and determined to eliminate War Machine all together!

    Of course, Elgin's wrath is also aimed at current ROH World Champion, Jay Briscoe, along with his brother, Mark, and virtually anyone else who supports Dem Boys. The bad blood between Elgin and Briscoe might never die, regardless of who holds the title! And with the upcoming ROH/NJPW collaborations fast approaching, "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin has added a number of top NJPW stars to his list of future victims. Naito, KUSHIDA, Tanahashi, and Gedo have all been carefully selected as opponents for Elgin at WAR OF THE WORLDS and GLOBAL WARS. He will test himself against a wide variety of styles and techniques in his quest to reclaim his position in title contention.

    With enough wins - and enough discipline - "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin CAN work his way back into opportunities for the ROH World Championship. Nigel McGuinness has been unquestionably emphatic about this very point. But in the end, Elgin's future is his own to determine. There is no vast conspiracy. There is no invisible machine pulling the strings to deny him of his destiny. In the end, the only person who can keep Michael Elgin from becoming a two-time Ring of Honor World Champion is Michael Elgin himself.

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