Storyline The gold is still mine

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  1. ***The lights go out as the new intro version of "Catch Your Breath" plays through the PA System.***

    ***At the 0:04 mark, the lights start to flicker as the name XIX appears on the titantron.
    At the 0:22 mark, out comes Prince Bálor wearing a black leather jacket, black trunks and black boots.
    He starts walking down the ramp, when at 0:57 mark, he unzips the jacket, triggers the lights and reveals the X-Division title.
    He climbs atop the apron and jumps in, and his music fades.
    He waits for the negative reaction to subside before he starts to speak...***

    This is a prestigious title...
    ***Prince Bálor looks at the title and raises it in the air.***
    Thanks to me.
    And I will not stop elevating it to new heights.

    This will become a legendary title and it'll be known as the title Prince Bálor put on the map and made famous!

    So, you must be wondering what is next.
    I've come out here tonight to issue a challenge for IWTMania IV.
    I'm looking to kick someone's ass, 'cause I'm pissed about recent losses.
    You want this title?

    ***Prince Bálor once again looks at the title and raises it in the air.***
    Come and get it!
  2. yo man im here to take back my title you irish ****

    love, danny jacobs
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  3. *gav runs in from the crowd and attacks prince balor from behind who was distracted by danny jacobs gav then takes a step back and points to the IWTmania sign*

    (Gav the chav) challenge accepted

    *gav then removes his hoodie to reveal a Barcelona shirt and begins to point and kiss the Barcelona shirt to try antagonise balor*
  4. Atletico Madrid chants start up.*
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    ***Prince Bálor rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic.***
    Gav, you utter bellend.
    Do you really think you're worth my time? No.
    Challenge is not accepted, because I wanna fight someone who isn't a complete loser...
    So that when I beat his ass, it actually counts.

    ***Prince Bálor turns his back and starts walking towards the ramp.***
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  6. *gav grabs a mic*

    (Gav the chav) oi you fucking cheeky **** you were the one to issue an open challenge now im out here accepting so give me what i want

    You know what your a proper shit champion you not worthy of holding that belt your scared if you face me I'll take that belt from you
  7. ***The camera zooms in on Prince Bálor's face which clearly shows he's aggravated. He turns around and says...***
    You're really starting to piss me off!
    You want a match, you son of a bitch?
    You've got one!
    At Mania, you're going to meet The Demon. Again.
    The same creature that beat you to a pulp the last time.
    And when I beat you one more time, I'm gonna send you right where you belong.
    At the bottom of the heap.
    Prepare to suffer.

    ***Prince Bálor drops the mic and his music starts playing.***