The Greatest Card To Never Happen

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Dat Kid, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Pre-Show
    Battle Royal involving 8 competitors who won qualifying matches

    United States Championship
    Rodrigo vs Airbourne

    Special Guest Referee Match
    Erik Draven vs Suicide
    With Alkaline as Guest Referee

    Frank The Jock vs Incognito

    Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber
    Jack Forte vs Senhor Perfect vs Chris Kaizer vs Jwab vs Nick vs Trip in the Head

    World Championship
    Christian vs Dat Kid

    Women's Championship
    Victoria Parker vs Harriet Vargas vs

    Joey Bryant vs George

    IWT Championship
    Alias Antonio vs Aids Johnson vs (winner of battle royal)
  2. @Rain get your ass in the IWT :reigns4:
  3. Dope card indeed. Dream matches all round. Woulda loved the chance to face George no doubt.
  4. Forté has beaten everyone in that chamber.:reigns3:(cept Jwab)

    Wanna face TNH one v one w/ this character, though. Faced him about four times with my last character, never beat him.
  5. Big D vs Crayo
  6. Don't expect that to change.
  7. Might would want to go to another title scene before stepping into mine, pal.
  8. This does look pretty awesome! Maybe I'll come out of retirement one day.
  9. Good card. Is Farooq supposed to be Harriett?
  10. No. That's Majour.
  11. Thought she had another character name?
  12. Yeah, but she was also Harriet Vargas.
  13. It's a shame that Fooq never had a world championship run. He deserved one.
  14. He didn't get many shots at it #RacistBooking #40AcresandNoWHC
  15. Farooq is the goat, and would have easily been the 3rd part of my match with THG.

    Crayo vs FTJ would have blown everything I brag about out of the water. 50+ votes, especially if FTJ demanded crayo video promo vs him. WUK vs FTJ will still do the same, but holy shit. CYNTHIOOOOOOOOO vs Frank THE Jock would have been amazing. Still pre-show though, while Aids vs @THG? vs @selena gomez would have been the ME.
  16. Also seab vs stopspot needs to be there.
  17. he had like 4 belts at the time and everyone knew if he was champ, no one would beat him. I think that is what hurt him, the fact he is literally the GOAT and was like 17-2 at the time he could/should have taken the belt.

    Fooqy booqy for IWT HoF no doubt in my mind. Should have been 1st tier. Shit we need Sack too tbh.
  18. He was 17-2 at a midcard level, which is why the record was so high. Had he gone to the World Championship level, i dont think his record would have been that big of a ratio. I'm not saying he wouldn't be able to hang, but part of the reason he never won the big title was because he never got the oppurtunity to fight the big guys as often as me and you did, so he never lost and came back better than he was.

    If Farooq were to come back however, I think he would have a hard time fighting some of the midcard now because there where we were a few years back in the main event.