Storyline The Grinch That Stole IWT Christmas

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  1. *The crowd is confused at the new theme playing throughout the arena, but give off a nice pop when they see it's Joey Bryant's titantron. At 0:44 seconds of the song, Joey runs out onto the stage in a santa costume with a big grin on his face, something that's rare from him. He points to the crowd for once, actually acknowledging them and walks down the ramp holding up his arm and a bag of stuff in another hand. He rolls in the ring and grabs a mic and walks to the center of the ring as music begins to fade. The crowd is still cheering for him as he begins to speak.*


    *The crowd laughs and Joey begins stroking his fake white beard with a smile.*

    "Merry Christmas to all the little boys and girls in the arena, but don't be afraid it is I, Santa Claus for the year, looking to spread christmas joy to all. IWT has it's naughty and good boys and girls in the back, and I've been keeping an eye on them even when they were sleeping, awake, or visiting VP, I've been there. So let's run down the naughty and nice list."

    *Santa pulls out a long list out of his underwear and gets another nice pop and smiles into the camera. He puts on some fake glasses and begins to read down the list.*

    "At the top of the nice list, ho ho ho, Aids Johnson!"

    *The crowd cheers and Santa begins reading what he's done.*

    "He's entertained fans all over the world, he's proven to all of you he is a champion and all the things he goes through he still has a smile on his face! Next, the only tag team on the nice list, The Dazzling Chavs. *Another pop.* 2 championship belts, always like to have fun, and continue to defend their titles. But I'd be careful, if I look in my snow globe..."

    *Santa pulls a snow globe out of his back pocket*

    "I see in your future a fresh new team looking to take that gold, oh yes, a brand new team formed with a strong bond. So I'd be careful if I were you boys, I've been around for years and I've never seen such a dangerous combination! And the last on the nice list, Alias Antonio. A relatively new guy like a few others that I can see in the main event picture soon. Rhod and Nano hidden at the bottom of the list as well!"

    *Santa now pulls out a longer list, the naughty list.*

    "Victora Parker at the top! The amount of life she's put on the line, and she is the definition of bah hum bug. Coal for her this year, ho ho ho. Next, Dat Kid From Jersey. I've never seen such an enormous ego, and even though he backs it up, he still deserves nothing more than coal! If I kept going down the list... Nick, Sir Lee, Chris Kaizer, FTJ, and JONATHON. Naughty naughty people, none of them show people respect and they'll get special signed douches straight from the Farooq line of douches."

    *The crowd laughs and Santa puts the lists away and begins to continue.*

    "There is quite a bit of new tag teams though.... starting with..."

    *Just then, a theme interrupts him.*

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  2. *Frie comes out painted green. He walks to the ring and stands exactly 1 1/6 meters away from Joey.*

    "Bah humbug to all, and to all a bad night! HAHAHA! See, Santa, you fail to realize that there are no naughty/nice people in this world. They are all bad! Spoiled kids asking for toys they don't need, and criminal scum stealing throughout the holidays. Your list is nothing compared to mine. Everyone on my list is from the IWT roster. And this list.... is the NAUGHTY list. Even our esteemed GM Jonathan is on this list. Do you know why? Because he screwed a nice boy named Joey Bryant out of winning the IWT Title. By the way, did you hear about Joey's new tag team with that handsome devil, Frie? They're gonna be something special. Therefore, ALL OF YOU are on my naughty list, because you fail to realize the disgusting aspects of celebrating Christmas. I am the Grinch that will steal IWT's Christmas! You can thank me later."
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  3. *Kaizer is standing backstage*
    Kaizer: Dude, did he just stand EXACTLY 1 1/6 meters away from Joey?
    Will Smith: He did!
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  4. *Santa looks shocked when the Grinch finishes. He stands now 1 1/4 meters away from him.*

    "Grinch, I mean no harm! I'm just trying to spread Christmas joy! It's a time of celebration and happiness, not revenge and bragging! Why Grinch I thought you would have learned this a long time ago but... well wait, let's see what I have in my bag for you."

    *Joey throws the sack on the ground and begins digging through it. He pulls out a "Cure" DVD and smiles into the camera and puts it in the Grinch hands and Frie has a funny shocked look on his face.*

    "That's right, Grinch! Just imagine a child waking up on Christmas morning and having the same reaction you have now, getting a free Cure DVD wrapped by yours truly! The true meaning of Christmas."

    *Santa begins digging through the sack again, and he pulls out a "Ben Dover Guide to Sex and Wrestling" book signed by Dover.*

    "Now this lad might not be here anymore, but he was a consistent member of the nice list! He entertained people in many ways and this can also be yours, they'll be a time when you need a good read this holiday season."

    *The crowd cheers and Santa begins digging in the bag for the last time. He pulls out a poster of Joey Bryant and Frie standing next to each other with fake title belts. Grinch's eyes light up.*

    "And this, yes Grinch. Your two favorite wrestlers, posing as the IWT Tag Team Champions. Those boys know the meaning of Christmas, they're in the Christmas spirit and they want to let the world know about their goals for this holiday season. Do you see now? The true meaning of Christmas?"
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  5. Kaizer: NOT 1 1/4 meters!
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  6. *Frie gets overly excited about the poster that Joey has pulled out.*

    "OH MY! A POSTER OF MY FAVORITE WRESTLERS IN IWT! I guess I should put them on the n-n-n-n-n-nice list. Now, wouldn't be a great present for them if they became Tag Team Champions. Boy, that'd be real swell! Ergh, I just don't get something Santa."

    *Frie walks around the ring and now stands exactly 1 1/8 (@Black_Jesus ) meters away from Joey.*

    "Why am I getting such a nice gift when I was....... what you would call.......naughty? Is it because of my anti-christmas movement? No, that can't be it. Is it because of my excellent 7th grade production of the Wizard of Oz? No no no. I know. It's because....... I deserve it."

    *The crowd is silent in powerful confusion.*

    "That's right. I deserve it! In fact, EVERYONE DESERVES IT! What you deserve...... is new tag team champions! And those tag team champions will be the newly formed tag team of Frie and Joey Bryant! And we don't care what anybody says about it!"

    *Joey and Frie exit the ring dancing in a cocky fasion.*
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  7. OOC: My prayers have been answered.
  8. *Dat Kid stands over a TV with his arms crossed behind his back*

    I've got a list too...

    +Kid writes down Bryant & Frie at #5*

    Bitches assemble!

    *Kid's concubines crawl at his feet as he continued to watch TV*
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  10. *Joey removes the beard and hat as the crowd cheers for him and Frie. Joey holds the poster of them high above his head and both take a bow as Joey's theme plays.*
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