Storyline The Humble Re-beginnings of D'Z

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  1. Unsure as to who is coming out, many in the crowd begin nodding their head along to the beat. As the first verse of the theme begins D'Z emerges at the top of the ramp. Many in the crowd seem disappointed, and there are noticeable boos. Ziggler, slightly disheartened by the negative reaction, goes back up the ramp and out of sight. A few seconds later he sprints back into view carrying a bag. Handing out DVDs that say "The Cure" on them, he is boo'd even more heavily than before, and many throw the DVDs at Ziggler.
    WHAT THE HELL MAN?? I heard handing out Cure DVDs was a surefire way to get over??
    **Awkward Silence**
    ::nervous laughter:: tough crowd.
    D'Z paces the ring, wondering to himself if the promo he has planned is only going to further bury himself.
    I want to tell you the story of two competitors. Two competitors with very little IWT experience, one beloved by the IWT and one seemingly hated. There are some notable similarities between the two... both have an undeniable amount of talent, but neither has a winning IWT record or more than 3 career IWT matches.
    Some of you are already with me, some of you need me to tell you when c-a-t spells cat. I am speaking of myself and the 'icon' Incognito

    The crowd pops at the very mention of Incognito's name. D'Z is frustrated by the response and gives a thumbs down while screaming at the crowd (without the mic) "NO! Boo Incognito! Boo!"
    You see? THIS is what I don't get. On one hand you have me. I pledge to bust my ass for this company, to rise up the ranks the RIGHT way and I am ridiculed for it. Then you have Incognito, who sits on his ass year-round, coming in only for Mania spotlight whoring and he is endlessly ass-licked for it. Do you ever see Incognito working dark matches or house shows? He is a premadona who doesn't care about this business and you all worship him for it. For shame IWT Universe, for SHAME!
    The crowd is fed up with Ziggler's shit and begins with dueling chants of "Fuck you Ziggler!" and "In-cog-ni-to!"
    Nobody can stop you from chanting his name, but he won't even see the replay of this promo, because the lazy fuck doesn't give one squirt of piss about this company.
    Incognito's bullshit aside, I'm here to do things the right way. I'm going to earn my way back into the main event instead of demanding it be given to me. The first bricks to be laid on my road to redemption will be in dark matches. The old D'Z was "above" dark matches, but now, I understand that the IWT needs as much of me as it can get. So to anyone in the back that is looking for a dark match, you can fax or page me and we can get to it.

    The crowd is still chanting for Incognito
    More importantly, my schedule is still relatively open for IWT Mania 2. I've got some loosely constructed ideas in the works, but anyone that wants to step forward and put their name in the hat, feel free. The dance card is filling up quick, what with the amazing main event of Joey Bryant taking on.... ::uncontrollable laughter::
    Ziggler drops the mic and doubles over in laughter
    One second...
    Ziggler falls to the ground quite literally rolling on the floor laughing. After 45 seconds of this he stands back up and dusts himself off, wiping some tears away from his eye. The crowd chants for Joey Bryant.
    Joey Bryant vs Bru
    Ziggler again loses control and can't finish his thought. He just gives up and heads back to the locker room where he continued to laugh at the thought of Bruce Knight vs Joey Bryant main eventing IWT Mania 2.

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  2. LMAO too good.
  3. Was hoping that this was a Dz return promo, tbh. Sad that Delik ran him out too.
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  4. Ran across this looking at my match beating Crayo's ass. On his own site. You were something special.
  5. It would have been cool if things were light and fun and not run by a try hard who wanted to make things suck for everyone
  6. Me or Jono, not sure.

    Lets get you back in IWT
  7. hope he isnt talking about me:brock:
  8. You're a tryhard but we both know it isn't about you. Save the IWT Figger, face me.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. D'z is Figger, not your punk ass.
  11. There's definitely room for Dz. We can conjure up a storyline, if he's down.
  12. meh

    and Jono obv
  13. I'm no Jono. Trust me. You should rejoin.
  14. Yeah, Tsar's pretty cool, D'Z.
  15. Figger vs Aid 2?! Kaizer needs to run in here for a zzzzzzzzzz comment.
  16. Kaizer is asleep in the unemployment line.
  17. He isn't unemployed, he is hall of fame'd. Cured. Figger is good on IWT, sadly.
  18. Aids vs. Dolph's is a first ballot dark match. :true:
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  19. Then every match you had might as well be non-existent. #Hashtag son.
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