Storyline The Hunted

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  1. The announcement rings out throughout the Extreme rules arena, 'your winner and the number 1 contender for the X - Division championship, representing SIN, FRIE!'

    *crowd pops with respect for the victor and a great match*

    Pain slowly gets up from the mat, hating the fact that he got beat, fair and square in the middle of the ring as Whine - E - Bitch chants ring out all over the arena.

    Pain gasps for air as he climbs back up to his feet using the ropes for leverage, struggling to get to his feet, he grabs a microphone, angered and disappointed with himself, every chant pissing him off just that much more, he gets ready to speak.


    The lights go out and the sound gets cut when the light comes back there are two masked men in the ring standing on both sides of Pain, staring him down, Pain looks bewildered, they pounce - double teaming Pain as he tries to protect himself.
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  2. A Sudden pop erupts as The Order Of The Night's Theme begins to play.

    Lights dimming down as a wolf's howl echo's into the arena. Purple lights flickering about as Aiden Rushes down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. The masked men flea from the other side leaving Aiden no chance to do what they knew was coming. Aiden keeps walking to the ropes as the masked men further themselves away from the ring. Aiden leans down and picks up the microphone that had been dropped by Pain.

    "You're all so big and ballsy when it's two on one but when someone comes out to make it a fair advantage you run with your tail between your legs like the frightened little peasants you are!"

    "Aiden Ryan"
    The fans chant with an almost impeccable beat.

    The masked men jump over the baricade disregarding anything Aiden is preaching.

    "Scatch that, You are not even peasants. You are little bitches!"
    Aiden yells into the microphone as the fans give a loud approval.

    "Little Bitches"
    The fans begin to the chant.

    "Little Bitches who have the mentality of a coward, Who are to scared when Aiden Ryan shows up because they know The Order Of The Night isn't to far behind him. Well seeing as your prince has arrived... I think we should set up a match!"

    "Next week, Aiden Ryan & Pain Verses The Two cowards standing behind that barricade and for special extreme rules after-math. it will be a tag team table's match!"

    The Fans thunder the arena with a loud pop.

    "This is awesome"
    AsThe fans begin continue to chant the masked men rush out of the arena in a hurry.

    Aiden turns around and walks over to Pain. Kneeling down Aiden check's on the health of Pain. The camera zooms in to get a read on what Aiden is saying but the chants from the attendants is far too noisy.

    Aiden offer's he's hand down to Pain and nods.

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  3. Pain accepts Aiden's aid and gets back to his feet and raises Aiden's hand as Aiden's theme starts back up again and the crowd chant for the Order and for Aiden, Pain grabs his neck and slowly walks out of the ring with Aiden's help.

    Right at the end of the ramp, Pain asks for the microphone, turns around as he limps to stabilize himself
    "You heard right, Next week we put it all on the line... everything on the table rather"

    He snickers and then groans in pain
    "Whoever you are, you'll pay"

    He drops the mic and it lands with a huge thud as they make their way backstage.
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