The Image Seabs didn't Want Leaking

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  1. Ever wondered why the UK always suck up to the US? and why we are called mini america?

    I have all the proof you need that our very own is actually in love with Bush, and has been living in our country as a SPY, yes that's right a SPY, here's your proof, our very own @[Seabs] in a compromising pose with George Bush.


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    yes I know it's a shit attempt, but it was a 2 minute job :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  2. Seems as legit as Hoss in a candy van.
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  3. Indeed legit..

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Seabs looks like such a stud in that pic.
  6. You sound surprised.


    Just tweeted this btw, so expect a gazillion new sign ups.
  7. Seabs is such a beaut.
  8. Just had an influx of male over 60's signing up. Can't be a coincidence surely?
  9. I do what I do and that is what I do well.
  10. NOOOOO, why is it that whenever I post a thread everyone seems to love Seabs, but everyone else posts a thread he's an enemy :emoji_slight_frown:.

    I smell a good old conspiracy here, come on, who's idea was it? :haha:
  11. These are my people.
  12. We are Seabs people and Seabs is one of us. Granted much more hair but still one of us.
  13. You need to rephrase that bud, these WERE your people, but now they're MY people :emoji_grin:


    Remind me, why did I vote for you over Seabs for MOTM? :haha::jericho:
  14. I have more hair than a viking.


    I won the first ever member of the month also, never got a reward for it either.
  15. As a man of Viking lineage I am sure that I can find a more hairy viking than you. But anyway....

  16. I'd make such a good Viking. Can I be an honorary one?
  17. How good are you at raping, pillaging, rowing boats and drinking?
  18. Brilliant. Plus I would look incredible in a pointy hat.
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