Storyline The Immortal Aids Johnson

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  1. As the IWT returns from a commercial break, the lights flicker and the music hits to a crowd pop.

    Aids walks out to a mix of boo's and cheers, wearing his black on black suit - stopping at the top of the ramp to shine his IWT Hall of Fame ring before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids grabs a mic and fixes his tie before continuing.

    When you look at me what do you see? I see a history filled with things that are now tradition, a creative champion who pushed this institution into the future with the help of many, many talented stars. The man who set a precedent for underdogs like Gav the Chav and many other champions to take place, the hated man people would laugh about being champion who eventually became currently the greatest champion of all time. You look at me and the crowd is split, the backstage looks at me and there are few allies who give me my dues, seeing me as a hack who won based on real creativity, nothing to bring to the table but a history lesson after every win.

    I'll readily admit that I feel we are all correct. I am back not to win the IWT title, i'm not here to challenge for the belt, because as i've said before this is a place i've enjoyed many times over...and whether i'm facing Joey Bryant for the #1 contender or an up and comer in a dark match, i've always been around to promote myself equally with the IWT....

    and that is what I have returned for one more time. The days of overdrinking are over, but I have little faith in a 4th IWT championship run, because hell, I look forward to the day Joey Bryant surpasses me as the greatest champion of all time. I look forward to it like people like Harriet Vargas look forward to a new start, the reason people like Georgie and Incognito refuse to come back, and the reason I haven't had my due's paid by any star other than people excited to take shots. So where do I start....

    Where do I start? Well Jonathan and Aids is a long anticipated ordeal that we all know would draw a crowd the likes IWT hasn't seen since Incognito and I had a face off and everyone and their best friend wanted to see. 30 votes, I am glad to give a history lesson as always - but the point is that there are plenty of notches on my belt left to add. If that takes another run at a title, if it means I have to job myself to the likes of the "Unknown" then so be it, but I thought it only fair to address myself before I am accused of coming for cheap reasons.

    I will gladly face Jonathan, and give my career as well as the IWT a bump in the right direction, but until then the cards are in my favor. I never have returned at a disadvantage, and Jono knows that better than anyone. Two of the biggest names are people I am glad to call equals at best, and this isn't a tag team tournament we will be involved in. It's time to play the game.

    Aids hands his mic off, putting his hand out to ignore the bottle of scotch he is normally handed. He moves outside the ring and heads for backstage.
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  2. Was about ready to make a 55th return joke, but the promo was of quality, good job.
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