Storyline The 'Impossible' Dream

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  1. Knight comes out to a mixed reaction, Walking down the ring ignoring the fans as he does so, a Microphone in his hand and a determined look on his face.

    Knight: Now, I'm sure all of you know that next week is the Royal Rumble, Correct? I'm sure you all know of the prize that the winner receives, Correct?
    Well, You can start your doubting, Smarks.....Go ahead and Say that Bruce Knight has no hope in the world of winning the rumble! I dare you to!

    Knight smiles.

    Knight: You see, I am one Motivated Son of a Bitch.....My 'Dream' of becoming the IWT Champion is Impossible to many.....but you see, I'm out to prove the critics wrong....I came to IWT to show everyone who Bruce Knight was.....and Next week, I shall do that. Next week, I will continue this Impossible Journey.....I will someday Achieve my 'impossible' Dream.....

    The Crowd cheer at the Motivated, Pumped up Knight who is ready for next week, As Knight walks to the back as his music plays.
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