The Inbetweeners Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Best comedy series ever, let's get some gifs/clips of this epic show.


    So funny.
  2. Never watched a full episode. Hate it.
  3. :gtfo: bus wanker :sheldor:
  4. :finger::finger:


  5. [yt]http:emoji_confused:/[/yt]
  6. Don't even care if none of you bumders are posting

  7. Haven't been on a bus for around 4 years.
  8. [​IMG]

    guess which one I'd be wearing
  9. Don't try and bring logic into my childish insults based upon this great program :upset:


    Big Nob :gusta:
  10. Never heard of it of course (lol British TV) but my God the clips provided ITT are terribly unfunny. Watched the first 3 clips and deemed this show a 0/10
  11. Inbetweeners > Any American comedy.

  12. http:emoji_confused:/

  13. :facepalm: :gtfo:
  14. I saw how much dislikes the trailer got and lol'd.
  15. Tag line: Four high school friends are not cool or popular, but not total dorks, either.

    I guess I can see how Crayo likes this show so much.
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  16. Jealousy is a sin.
  17. I'm so jelly of your awesome life living it up in Cornwall
  18. Okay I give you the upper hand on location. Nothing else.
  19. Friends anyone? Sorry Crayo.