"The Indigenous" of IWT

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  1. *You hear a buzzing noise echo around the arena, as if there was some type of technical issue. The commentators, the fans, the wrestlers - baffled. Suddenly the lights turns off completely; a section of the crowd reacting with a cheer with expectation. Another section again puts this down to technical issues*

    *Smoke fills the stage; the rest of the arena joining the small portion in cheering. Then comes the music.*

    *The music lasts 2 minutes and 50 seconds; the longest it has lasted yet. A voice echo's over the music, it simply states: "I am here". The music cuts off, and a shadowed figure appears in the mist*


    For years now my appearance has been requested. For years now my appearance has been lusted for. But for years, my appearance was not needed. You people know not who I am, or what I am, yet for some unusual reason you cheer for me. Perhaps you can unconsciously sense that I am the being that fixes the broken parts of this federation, or perhaps you're another follower without the required intelligence to retain independence of thought. Regardless of that, I am here. I have made sporadic, but shocking, appearances throughout this federation recently. An explanation is required.

    I will answer three popular questions: who, what, and why.

    Who? I am nameless, anonymous, unknown. Call me Incognito.
    What? Superior, epitome of intelligence, domination, complete ascendancy.

    Now to the most important question.

    Why? Conservation. The individuals in charge of this place are clueless regarding how to maintain it. The individuals who have "control" of IWT have no answer to the plague that has bewildered it. I am talking about Aids Johnson. Your aggravating whining, bitching, and - to put it lightly - crying has unwillingly forced numerous away from IWT. Your connections with those in power give you an unfair, and unjustified, advantage over the rest of the competitors. How many title shots have you had now, Aids? How many are you going to get in the future?

    *The figure turns his attention to the audience. The figure appears to remove a hood, but his face is still covered by the smoke*

    You can choose to fear me and boo me, or you can choose to embrace me. I am not someone who yearns for your support, and I will certainly not appease to it. By supporting me you sign an unwritten contract to project your animosity to those in charge. You choose to keep hold of earned money, instead of investing it into materialistic objects owned by a corrupt, fraudulent, unscrupulous company. The next time you see me will be the day Aids Johnson perishes, and the day that IWT changes forever.


    *The crowd stunned. Small murmurs is all that is heard among the arena; discussing what they have just witnessed. The smoke erupts into flames, but the figure has gone. Afterwards, the lights return; everything is back to normal*
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  2. As the lights come back on, there is a few second break before Aids theme hits to a crowd mixed with boos and cheers/jeers.

    Aids comes out wearing a suit and tie, in the Brewers colors he is used to being seen in (blue suit, white shirt, yellow tie) wearing an ear to ear smile. He welcomes the crowd Cena style, spouting out "daddy is here" to the camera before running down into the ring, briefcase in hand. He stands up and goes corner to corner yelling out "MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and laughing as the crowd shifts more into boo's than cheers. Aids walks down to the ropes and is handed a microphone.

    I cant imagine myself in a situation outside of this, the biggest match in IWT history will have Aids vs the legend who has never appeared. There is only you and me, and i am glad to accept the challenge. *crowd pops* I cant imagine myself in a better situation for SS, i might even be holding a title before this match even happens, and unfortunately for you, im not willing to put my future reign on the line *crowd boos* against you just yet. What are you booing at!? The Champ is home, and there is no place better than here to see me not once, not twice, but 3 times in this epic ppv. I played a cashin on Draven, but im not cowardly enough to take the easy win, he would have to be future endeavored in our match, and i just cant take that away from the IWT community *Crowd chants Erik Draven*...and aids replies by going back the turnbuckle to a crowd instantly turning into boo's over cheers.

    You people just dont understand what ive done for you. I left here and it gave you all the chance to put dat kid in the spotlight, Jonathan has another "star" in his sights, and Youve been given new superstars that wouldnt have made it in the time i was IWT Champion. There will be whining, there will be bitching, and there will be tears shed. Unfortunately for my opponent, they will be all made out from the crowd as i make his short run with the IWT even shorter. Color me serious, because this is going to be real, IWT.

    Aids Music hits and he puts the shit-eating grin back on his face, as he holds up the briefcase to the crowd mixed in cheers and boos, and yells out "Frank the Jock!" before walking back to the backstage area.
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  3. Another newbie trying to steal our thunder.

    Get em Aids!
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