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  1. (took this one from MC forum lawl)

    The rules here are simple:
    1) Post only one sentence
    2) don't post pictures unless it's relevant to the sentence you or somebody else said
    3) don't end the story. Seriously, this is called "The Infinite Story" after all...

    I guess I'll start:
    Bob was an every day joe.
  2. He liked money and bagels.
  3. He was also a Nazi who hated bagels, and despised monkeys.
  4. When he was a little kid, a monkey did a terrible thing to him.
  5. He later in life layeteth the smacketh down on that monkey ass!
  6. PETA reported him to the police for animal abuse.
  7. The police however were too busy beating down Dat Kid to care.
  8. Luckily Just Kevin was there to record the whole thing and upload it to Youtube.

    (C'mon guys! Story can't be infinite if it stops!)
  9. Unfortunately, YouTube was hacked and the upload was halted.
  10. So, Just Kevin traveled to the Youtube headquarters in San Bruno, CA to lodge a formal complaint.
  11. Only to be confronted by Jews and Men in black.
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  12. Then suddenly, out of no where, BATMAN APPEARS!