Storyline The Influence.

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  1. Michael is standing in front of a cage, while he looks down at the ground the camera slowly pans out.

    Michael: In the days of New Years...the bottle tops burst, and the confetti falls. In the days of St. Valentine, red hearts fill classrooms as love grows in the air. In the days of St. Patrick, limericks are read as green clovers are hung. In the days of Summer...the classroom bells are rung a final time...children are let out of school. In the days of August, the children obstinately walk back into their school for another 180 days. In the days of October, ghosts are hung as children trick or treat...they get home, and they eat their little hearts out. In the days of Thanksgiving...the family's gather and eat their soul's away. In the days of Christmas, the families...Christian or not gather up and join in for a jolly good time...handing gifts and opening gifts with looks of incredulity on their faces.

    Michael laughs as he looks down once again scanning the floor. His laugh gradually diminishes to a dead glare. He slowly looks up

    Michael: Then it begins...all. over. again. You see for decades this has not only been established and followed but it's encouraged. The people do this every year and the people don't find a problem with it. Just like the IWT...For years the only ones ever even considered to make it to the top were the guys that hung around Aids Johnson and Dat Kid long enough...Path A. The people who were considered to be the future are the ones that bolster tough guy crap or bland comedy to their audience which doesn't do anything but make me want to sleep...Path B. This Generation- THE Generation is a poor excuse for human skin and leaves more consternation on the New Generation's face then wonder and encouragement. We follow these paths in our journey to the top, but It's about time something get's shaken up. Instead of cajoling to the old time followers of Path A and Path B...what if all the glass ceilings were broken down and the brass ring was thrown to the ground...where everyone, and ANYONE has the chance to attain it. The New Generation has made the notion to disband the motif that only Path A and Path B are the keys to success, but rather building our own Path to give The New Generation....a new expedient form of success...Path T.N.G. Nothing in the IWT is new, and that's about to change because no matter how much they look down on me, The Big Guy, Christian or Anonymous..Nothing will influence THE influence.

    Michael get's a stern look on his face as the light in front of him dims down.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All.
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  2. @Stopspot you see where I referenced you and the seabster...:heenan: